jetsetting in style…

i’m thinking about how to make traveling a little more enjoyable these days. we’re going to be traveling a lot this summer and if you are anything like me, traveling is exciting only because of the destination. i love the anticipation of jetting off to see a new city, eat exotic food, visit old friends, or lay by the beach. but traveling itself can be less than glamorous. i dread packing and always leave at least one important thing at home.

so i pulled together a few things that get me excited about the traveling part of traveling. bringing a versatile wardrobe, eliminating unnecessary cosmetics and adding a few “comfort” items. and of course, there are a few wildly impractical things added in there, because that’s just how i roll sometimes. {and on that note- this is a not a budget friendly list. i’d like to go find some more affordable swaps for some of these pricier items!}

1. find a suitcase that you love and is well made, like this vibrant globe-trotters suitcase. the same rules apply to luggage as an investment bag. you’ll have these pieces for a lifetime if you choose wisely.

2. a compact wallet that you can keep close to your person like this mini kate spade variety.

3. you never know where you might end up needing to take a cat nap. come prepared!

4. a hat for bad hair days.

5. a button down shirt that you can wear with jeans, skirts, leggings, anything and everything you packed. right now i’m loving the military look paired with a white tee, simple gold necklace and skinny jeans.

6. flats that are comfortable and still make you feel like a lady.

7. two no brainers that i seem to always forget when i travel: a camera and eternally stylish sunglasses.

8. two dressier items (a skirt and statement necklace for example) that you can throw on with a white t-shirt to look casually glamorized in an instant.

9. cosmetic essentials (all very personal but these are mine): perfume, lip balm, tooth paste, hair brush and mascara.

10. a little treat: your favorite dessert and your favorite scented candle.

11. a cute bathing suit. because it really stinks when you are without one and your hotel has a lovely pool! this has happened to me more than once.

so what is your must-have item when you travel? do you have any traveling vices? (mine’s gossip magazines and peanut m&m’s!) i’d love to hear your thoughts!