have a lovely long weekend…

Posted 05/28/10 by Kate Arends

happy weekend friends! i hope you all have something wonderful planned. nick and i are gearing up for another move. we are staying in the same building but moving into a much larger apartment. i’ll even have my own little office and closet (!)- which i am dying to organize/decorate. we’re also hoping to spend some quality time with old friends, whip together a bbq or two, watch some baseball, and break in the new place.

enjoy your weekend…take some time to relax and enjoy the first few days of summer.



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  1. Hope your move goes well.. enjoy your long weekend!


    May 28 2010 | Carissa
  2. Love all of these photos, and they look SO great together. Sounds like a great weekend, congrats on the new place!

    May 28 2010 | Color Collective
  3. Love that first image. Good luck with your move and have a wonderful weekend!

    May 28 2010 | Christine
  4. So many pretty things to love here… wonderful finds!

    Wishing you a great movie + a wonderful weekend ahead 🙂

    p.s so happy to have you as a friend on Twitter as well


    May 28 2010 | Sarah Klassen
  5. Ah your new bigger place sounds great, you have to have your own office!
    Loving that skirt in the third pic!

    May 29 2010 | Lana
  6. Hi there — I just saw your guest post on A CUP OF JO. You’ve got a great blog here!! xoxo

    May 31 2010 | Melissa Blake
  7. oh wow, congratulations. I also rearrange my place to have a workspace/closet. Very small but very excited to get going on the deco. Do share your plans on this.

    May 31 2010 | I Love Snackfood
  8. i love love love this girls outfit! love the look of your blog too! is it powered by wordpress?

    Jun 03 2010 | claudia bravo!