those lips

i think i need to get a shade of red-orange lipstick. it’s a little difficult to find the right shade with my dark hair and light skin, but i’m determined to find one that works.

(i love the color the jcrew gals wear in this months catalog…)

  • right after i posted this i ran to the nearest NARS counter and bought pop life! i love that a little bit goes a long way- you can get a really bold look, or just a light stained look. so pretty!

  • in an article in this months Elle Decor, Jenna Lyons said they use the NARS lip pencil in Red Square on the shoots. I have dark hair and light skin also, I can’t wait to pick this up.

  • After reading Jenna’s comment in Elle Decor, I ran right out to try NARS Red Square… and then wiped it off as quickly as possibly because it looked completely awful on me. Hard color to wear, very orange-y. I have dark hair and light skin, so maybe this shade isn’t for us, girls. I’m going to check out Heat Wave next…

  • A few reds to check out: Ellis Faas is a new makeup line with an amazing red. Her colors are based on those found in the human body (she is a former special effects mua, so she knows this).

    Also, Julie Hewett makes a whole line of beautiful red lipstick. it’s the basis for her whole makeup line. Great quality.

  • light skin and dark hair here, too (not to mention a decent amount of freckles), and i found the first red i really liked at clinique in angel red. the gals at the counter were super sweet and said it was the best red match to skin tone they’d seen in a while. that felt good. i had always been so unsure before.

  • I was just flipping through an Allure mag from 2008 (I love it when I find old fashion magazines at free book exchanges) and it was saying that all you need to do to balance out a red lipstick with lighter skin is some blush. I have an olive(ish) undertone so I think that’ll be harder to pull off for me but hey, it’s an idea.