happy weekend, happy wedding

i’m signing off early to catch up on some last minute errands before i leave town for a dear friend’s wedding. it’s the first wedding of the season for me and i’m super excited to see these two get hitched. so i hand-picked a few pictures from one of my all-time favorite weddings. they make a rainy day look so good, i actually WANT it to rain on my wedding day.

so in honor of the soon-to-be Mrs. R, here are four lovely wedding themed links:

+ i love this diy necklace the lovely mrs. broke-ass bride created on 100 layer cake.

+ this one year anniversary post at size too small is so pretty.

+ coveting these lovely underpinnings over at kendall k.

+ i die for these metallic gold shoes.

plus two things non-weddingy:

+ i want her outfit. and to maybe have blond hair for one day. just to see how it feels. (and for the record… i know i’d be one heinous blond!)

+ i could not stop laughing reading this. haydee from happenstance shared this site and i was up until the wee hours of the morning reading this, laughing and snorting like a crazy person. her drawings are great!

and i can’t sign off for the weekend without saying how much fun it has been seeing some new faces around here this week. you guys are so awesome, and by the way, thank you for introducing yourselves- you have some truly amazing blogs.