you are all kinds of wonderful.

i have some kick ass friends. i know i owe a number of people emails, but i had to say thanks to those of you who left me a note, email, comment, in response to my (both inevitable and typical) bridal breakdown. thank you for your honesty, transparency, and saying those things that are hard to say. i heart you.

via tulips & flight suits

sorry if you’ve gotten weird posts from me in your reader. i think i got that kink fixed!

  • don’t you just love friends like that? i love those quotes and those friends who get you through (with so much joy) all the bride, new wife and otherwise breakdowns we all have 🙂

  • i love this. and so glad you’re hanging in there. bridal breakdowns are totally par for the course, so know that it’s very normal! 🙂 thinking of you and wishing you easy times from now until your big day xoxoxo