no hair tied needed

Posted 10/26/10 by Kate Arends

folks, you no longer need to fear loosing your hair tie. it’s probably not the simplest solution (i haven’t tried it yet), but i love the messy, undone look of this knotted updo. one of hanneli’s readers posted a link to some additional advice on achieving the look of the michael kors SS11 models here.

images via hanneli

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  1. ♥ the laid-back aspect about it…so pretty!

    Oct 26 2010 | goldene
  2. oh my i love this!! i don’t think my asian hair could do this!!!

    Oct 26 2010 | jennifer
  3. What a chic laid-back look. I’m definitely going to have to try this later this week.

  4. let me know how it goes, caitlin!

    Oct 26 2010 | Kate
  5. Too cool! I’ll save this for when my hair is long enough,


    Oct 27 2010 | Becca
  6. love it. you’d probably just need a couple pins to hold it in place because most peoples hair is too soft to just stay even with two knots. 🙂

    Oct 27 2010 | rubi
  7. i gave this a try this morning and it didn’t look nearly as fabulous! i’m jealous. i’ll have to include some bobby pins next time. this unruly mane takes a little more coaxing, i guess!

    ps. it’s great to have you back in the blogosphere!

    Oct 28 2010 | elissa, ebb & flow
  8. Oh goodness, how beautiful! I feel like this would work perfectly with my hair too, I should try to figure out how to do it! Thanks so much for sharing, dear.


  9. I love this! I feel as though it has caused a blog flurry of “how do you do this?!” but have yet to hear a definitive “how to”.

    Nov 11 2010 | Kaira
  10. mmm,, I like iitt ))

    Mar 13 2011 | Sally
  11. it looks sooo beautiful 😀

    Oct 02 2013 | hannah