how to properly warm up.

folks- i’m freezing. hardy-har, i know i live in minnesota, but when you live in the upper half of the country, a properly heated building is something you can usually count on. for some reason, my office and my home are not quite warming up properly. i nearly wept when i crawled under my frigid sheets last night!

here are a few things i’ve tried to beat the chill:

1. baths. this tub caddy would be really useful.

2. drinking some tea. there is something wonderful about the ritual of making a cup of tea. makes me feel warmer just thinking about it.

3. slippers. i love all types of slippers (i have three pairs) but my favorite are these wool sock ones. putting my heavy duty slippers OVER these last night = win.

4. fingerless gloves are super useful if your office is an icebox.

5. make some tomato soup and grilled cheese. is there anything better??

6. i have not done this, but i am starting to consider it as a last resort. the twosome blanket. you’re going to look like a fool in this blanket, but if you have someone who loves you enough to look past the obnoxiousness of it just to keep you warm, they must care for you a great deal.

what’s your favorite way to keep warm this winter? i need all the tips i can get if this problem doesn’t get fixed. i have a roast cooking away in my slow cooker as we speak, i’m hoping that will be a huge help!