how to properly warm up.

Posted 11/17/10 by Kate Arends

folks- i’m freezing. hardy-har, i know i live in minnesota, but when you live in the upper half of the country, a properly heated building is something you can usually count on. for some reason, my office and my home are not quite warming up properly. i nearly wept when i crawled under my frigid sheets last night!

here are a few things i’ve tried to beat the chill:

1. baths. this tub caddy would be really useful.

2. drinking some tea. there is something wonderful about the ritual of making a cup of tea. makes me feel warmer just thinking about it.

3. slippers. i love all types of slippers (i have three pairs) but my favorite are these wool sock ones. putting my heavy duty slippers OVER these last night = win.

4. fingerless gloves are super useful if your office is an icebox.

5. make some tomato soup and grilled cheese. is there anything better??

6. i have not done this, but i am starting to consider it as a last resort. the twosome blanket. you’re going to look like a fool in this blanket, but if you have someone who loves you enough to look past the obnoxiousness of it just to keep you warm, they must care for you a great deal.

what’s your favorite way to keep warm this winter? i need all the tips i can get if this problem doesn’t get fixed. i have a roast cooking away in my slow cooker as we speak, i’m hoping that will be a huge help!

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  1. Love those slippers!

    When I’m *really, really, really* cold… chilled to the bone and can’t get warm to save my life I snuggle up with my heating pad. If you put it on your belly or your feet it doesn’t take long for that chill to disappear.

    Nov 17 2010 | Rebecca
  2. i just bought some fleece sheets and they are the most warm, comfy/cozy sheets ever.

    Nov 17 2010 | beth
  3. totally in love with that tub caddy. the tub is where i do my thinking.

    as for warming up, try filling a sock with jasmine rice (other rice works, too, but jasmine smells extra nice), knotting the end, and microwaving it for a couple minutes. works wonders on cold toes and makes your house smell like thai delivery. win-win.

    Nov 17 2010 | sloan
  4. that twosome blanket is AMAZING!!

    Nov 17 2010 | megan
  5. Sorry dear, I think you have all my ideas (except I choose hot showers over hot baths :-). We heat our Upstate New York farmhouse with wood, and there is absolutely NOTHING cozier. Have you tried a space heater? Flannel sheets are always a good idea, too (Try LL Bean!).

  6. That caddy looks great – and The Emigrants is fantastic. Go read it. Seriously.

    Nov 17 2010 | EK
  7. I love this blog! So glad I found it!

    Nov 17 2010 | Maria
  8. i’m with you! my apartment has not yet reached ideal temperatures (although the radiators have been making some noises that lead me to believe they are trying). this weekend i did a little baking to warm up. hot oven + warm treats = wonderful.

    Nov 17 2010 | carolyn
  9. i have the same wool sock slippers…the best! our house is always freezing. i went to a minnesota wild hockey game in the middle of winter last year and the announcer said ‘the temperature in the rink tonight is 69 degrees’ and then i realized that’s the same temp my house was before i left! so i’m always doing all the same ‘warm up’ activities as you.

    Nov 17 2010 | elissa, ebb & flow
  10. You might feel ridiculous, but wearing a beanie indoors does the trick. You lose 90% of your heat from your head blah blah blah

    Nov 17 2010 | Matrioshka
  11. Matroska-

    I TOTALLY for got about wearing a hat! I was wearing one last night- lol.

    Nov 17 2010 | Kate
  12. Ohh you posted everything I love about cold weather! I even have one of those bath caddys complete with a slot for your wine glass so it won’t spill. I haven’t gotten to use it much though.. I need to get it out!

    Nov 17 2010 | Ashley
  13. I am IN LOVE with the booties/socks/slippers? I found a pair at a thrift store that came from Iran–they are handwoven and only cost me 50 cents, since I assume the store owner had no idea what a gem she had stumbled upon (I would’ve paid at least ten).

    I think I’ll have soup and a grilled cheese for dinner, though it will not taste as good as it looks on the great dishes.

    Nov 17 2010 | Eryn
  14. That soup and grilled cheese tray is brilliant! I love the table in the last image. You have such a pretty blog!

  15. this post made me so excited for winter!!! i love your picks to keep warm. my fave is thick socks and tea!!!

    Nov 17 2010 | jennifer
  16. 1. Portable space heater/heat dish. Mine goes everywhere with me, and have one permanently stashed under the desk in my office;
    2. Heating blanket/pad under my fitted sheet. I turn it on half an hour before bed. Toasty sheets every time!

    Stay warm 🙂

    Nov 17 2010 | Betty
  17. I love, love this post! It instantly got me in the mood for grilled cheese and soup…and some cuddle time on the couch! Thank you 🙂


    Nov 17 2010 | Cassandra Marie
  18. There is nothing better than tomato soup and grilled cheese. I’m getting hungry just looking at this post! And where are those lovely colored tea prints from?

    Nov 17 2010 | Margo
  19. these are brilliant ideas for the winter. Love them 🙂

    Nov 18 2010 | Krystal/Village
  20. Thank for this. I am a California girl spending my first winter in Berlin, or Brrrrlin as I like to call it. I need all the staying warm tips I can get…


    Nov 18 2010 | Megan C
  21. I wear a gaiter (the fleece or wool ones from skiing) all the time when I am home plus two or three sweaters! Very cozy.

    Nov 18 2010 | secretfragileskies
  22. Honey does something funny with heat. It sort of intensifies it when it’s in your tea. The same may go for ginger, but i’m not a fan of the taste. Ginger in a pumpkin soup may be a good idea, though.
    And scarves! Scarve-love this fall and winter. My collection is becoming a bit crazy, especially now i’ve taken up learning to crochet 🙂
    I’m also on the look-out for some thick velvety curtains (second hand) to put between the front door and the rest of the house. Draft is the biggest reason my apartment gets cold, so i’m looking to fix that.

    Nov 18 2010 | Laura
  23. mm all of these items look so cozy. and i have been eating way. too. much. tomato soup and grilled cheese lately.

    Nov 18 2010 | tammy
  24. Aw man I love baths! It’s a shame that I don’t have one in my new place but I just adore them! Nothing like coming out feeling a little more relaxed and smelling clean 🙂
    xo tash

    Nov 18 2010 | the chirpy bird
  25. I’m thoroughly obsessed with sweater slipper boots! I, too, have three pairs. That bath looks heavenly and I love the wooden caddy. Perfection! I wonder if I could get my dog to snuggle with me in that twosome blanket? That would be hilarious!

    Nov 29 2010 | Cookie and Kate
  26. hello!

    here is a prettier version of the twosome blanket by Ffixxed from Japan.

    styled on Tegan & Sara :


    Dec 13 2010 | kashi-mai
  27. The power of imagery! Had to have a grilled cheese sammie.

    Jan 04 2011 | Edwina