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Posted 02/22/11 by Kate Arends

on the top of my mind today: these stylish New Yorkers… this American Apparel leather bag… these shorts from H&M’s spring line… this amazing kitchen… that necklace… those flats… this bra.

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    buying tonight.
    have been SEARCHING for scalloped shorts!
    eeeeek – too excited! Thanks for posting on them, Katie!

    Feb 22 2011 | Molly
  2. The most perfect, dreamy picks… as always! Love your eye.

    Feb 22 2011 | Elise / Pennyweight
  3. Love these items! Hard to pick a favorite as they are all so unique!

    Feb 22 2011 | Meghan Blum
  4. I am sooo in love with those american apparel bags!

    Feb 23 2011 | Crystalin
  5. love love love the leather bag – trying VERY hard not to buy it……

    Feb 26 2011 | Annie
  6. May I have one of everything please? Pretty please?


    Feb 28 2011 | Leigha
  7. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! ALL OF THESE!

    I want those shoes shorts….a lot♥

  8. Just got the american apparel bag and it is fab! I’m using as a make-up bag but seriously thinking of getting another to use as a clutch. Only $45!! Can’t beat it!

    Mar 10 2011 | Jenna
  9. i love them all. your blog is pretty inspiring, amusing inspiring and upper great inspiring.
    big kiss from enVie from a new fashion friend.
    would love if you check out my scarf designs. if you love them let me know….

    Jun 28 2012 | Nina