Posted 03/22/11 by Kate Arends

i really like these two images. mary oliver rocks.

photo 1: via apt #34 via the daybook, quote designed by lizzie mghee, via ez pudew’s pintrest

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  1. A picture speaks 1,000 words, and this picture… These words, are quite a pair :).

  2. This message just really hit home for me today. Mary Oliver does rock! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Mar 22 2011 | Katie
  3. I love the Daybook. Sidney is too cute for words!! Also, that quote is just what I needed today:)

    The Cheeky Cafe

    Mar 22 2011 | NameAmanda
  4. Mary forgot one thing: laughter! i want to laugh while no one is looking as though I’ve lost my mind.


    Mar 23 2011 | Victoria
  5. so adorable! i love her red hair 🙂

    Mar 24 2011 | joanna goddard
  6. so fantastic! this entire look is beyond amazing, the stark white shirt works beautifully with the wideleg trosuer, love love love.

    Mar 24 2011 | Baltina
  7. this girl is adorable… the lips! the pants! swoon, swoon, swoon.

    Mar 24 2011 | Libby Bates
  8. i love this look. and her watch!

    Mar 25 2011 | Name kimia kline
  9. thank you for the link love darling! I hope you had a wonderful monday!

    Mar 29 2011 | Erin