slow down for summertime…

Posted 06/27/11 by Kate Arends

sticky days and longer nights are upon us, and the heavy summer air seems to set a magical haze over minneapolis. what do you have planned for these glorious few months? taking a big trip? making fresh lemonade? tending to a garden? summer’s allure calls for a slower place and leisurely activities, that’s for sure.

as for me, i’m keeping things simple. enjoying some seasonal fare, good brews, easy reads, and the company of good friends.

snapshots taken from iphone

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  1. All of these images just epitomize summertime. Love the corn on the cob, bathing suit (where is that from?) and the row boat by the lake – these snapshots are the best!

    Jun 27 2011 | Caitlin
  2. hi caitlin- hope your summer is going well! the bathing suit is from target and it fits like a dream! i picked it up on a whim and i’m so glad i did. rachel provided links:(bottoms:, top:



    Jun 30 2011 | Kate
  3. Pretty sure the bathing suit is from Target. I have the same one in a different color- it’s reasonably priced and fits really well- definitely recommend. (bottoms:, top:

    Jun 30 2011 | Rachel
  4. hello darling!
    i always enjoy these update posts that you do…they’re so sweet! looks and sounds like your summer has been magical. mine has been too! summer is heavenly, i think. the slower pace, the spontaneous times spent with friends or at the lake with family, grilling, and being outdoors enjoying the sun or gardening every single day. it’s bliss!