autumn uniform

Posted 08/29/11 by Kate Arends

every girl needs an outfit to throw on at a moments notice. an outfit that can be worn just about anywhere, and recycled again and again. cue this classic combination: a trench coat paired with a black cashmere sweater, cigarette jeans, black pumps and a no-fuss top knot. it’s autumn’s answer to summer’s versatile sundress, and chances are you already have most of these pieces in your closet. there are few accessories that won’t compliment this basic look, which anyone can wear with effortless elegance. swap heels for flats, or the structured bag for a buttery leather hobo. choose a statement necklace, or opt for a wrist full of bracelets. what about you? do you have a favorite “go-to” look this autumn?

jeans // trench // heels // watch // necklace // sweater // bag // sunglasses

styling and image source: fash and chips, discovered via tall girl tales + everything fabulous

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  1. Oh, yes to all of it! I have a trench, dark skinnies, tall black pumps and wayfarers already. Once the weather cools down, I’ll throw my hair in a bun and hit the town. Can’t wait.

    Aug 29 2011 | Cookie and Kate
  2. Mmmm it’s so exciting that Fall is just around the corner! One of my go-tos involves a soft, fitted, red turtleneck sweater and cuffed skinnies. I wear my hair down, my glasses, and flats during the day, and no glasses, pumps, and my hair in a messy bun at night. It’s my fave 🙂

    Aug 29 2011 | Kate
  3. oh! that sounds SO lovely and timeless…. i’m definitely going to give that look a try.

    Aug 29 2011 | Kate
  4. i love this look! i can’t wait for fall- it by far has the best fashion! i need that bag in my life!

    Aug 29 2011 | randa
  5. Blue jeans and a trench will eternally be glamorous and a perfect autumn outfit!


    Aug 29 2011 | Annie
  6. Every single thing here is perfection. This is my ideal autumn uniform! Now if only I could master the art of the slightly messy top knot…

    Aug 29 2011 | Sara
  7. LOVE it, love it, LOVE it. These two colors are SO classic as are the black pumps and tan trench with the black buttons, perfection!

    Aug 29 2011 | chanel
  8. Love the classic trench! Would you go short or long if you had to do one?

    Aug 29 2011 | rooth
  9. That trench is one of my favorite and if all of them are combined together I can see a glamorous model. You will definitely be a head turner while walking outside.

    Aug 29 2011 | clothing tags
  10. Hello, darling!
    Trenches are always beyond perfect. I have this dream I’ve had since I was young of finding the perfect long trench and dress to wear together out in the city (not that I get out much since I’m still in the young teens!). But, for this Autumn that is rapidly coming I purchased a gorgeous brown trench and have some fabulous black cigarette pants that I plan to wear a lot.

    Beautiful collage!

    Aug 29 2011 | Apricots+Silk
  11. So Audrey! Can’t WAIT for fall 🙂

    Aug 29 2011 | GapGrad
  12. yes!

    Aug 30 2011 | joanna goddard
  13. perfect!

    Aug 30 2011 | Annie
  14. those shoes are RIDIC. love this entire piece. if i wasnt living in sweltering india id totally be craving that trench too 🙂

    Aug 30 2011 | Name kimia kline
  15. Love every item!

    Aug 30 2011 | Sweet Harvest Moon
  16. Love it all. Simple perfection. Seriously. C’mon cool weather, let’s GO already!

    Aug 30 2011 | Nomadic D
  17. I’ve been coveting these shoes forever – are they still in stock at Zara or are they several seasons old?

    Aug 30 2011 | Elise
  18. Totally love this look, and I was inspired by that outfit too! Those Zara shoes–I need! Great post.

    Aug 30 2011 | Ranu
  19. LOVE the idea of a season uniform. Mine is metallic flats, skinny jeans, a plain v-neck tee in white or black, statement necklace and a cute blazer. Pair it with tousled hair and aviators and it gets the compliments every time 🙂


    Aug 31 2011 | Name Hilary
  20. I had my trench tailored to fall just above my knee. It’s the perfect length.

    Sep 05 2011 | lawstudent
  21. well played love, well played!

    Sep 06 2011 | Erin
  22. I love trench coats – so chic and always perfect. Well, pretty much everything you picked out here is perfect.

    Sep 06 2011 | Kathleen
  23. I love the trench! And that topknot… I just cut my hair, but love topknots all the same!

    Sep 07 2011 | Libby
  24. I found this link accidentally and this is EXACTLY my fall outfit!!! I just bought that exact same purse at Zara Singapore about 2 months ago. Got the wayfarers, trench, jeans, jewelry. Just need to find the perfect cashmere sweater and heels 🙂

    Sep 09 2011 | Charlotte
  25. esta muy padres

    Sep 17 2013 | coco