GIVEAWAY! $100 gift card from PUBLIC

Posted 10/19/11 by Kate Arends

* This giveaway is now closed *


I’m so thrilled to host the first giveaway on Wit + Delight. Because design plays a huge role in what products I live with, and since I rely heavily on my bike for transportation, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to host a giveaway sponsored by PUBLICPUBLIC is offering a $100 gift card to a lucky W+D reader, which is good towards all gear and bike purchases!

Quality design is at the epicenter of PUBLIC, which was founded by Design Within Reach founder, Rob Forbes. PUBLIC’s website is full of resources for beginners and bike junkies alike, and I especially loved this peak into their vision and the development of a design-centric product offering.

So! Here’s how the PUBLIC giveaway works:

1. Head over to PUBLIC‘s website to learn more about the San Francisco-based bike and gear company. Imagine yourself riding one of those classic European city bikes pimped out with all the trimmings (hello, wine carrier)! Or image gifting your bike-loving babe with an extra special accessory for their urban steed. There’s something for everyone, I’m telling you.

2. Let us know what products catch your eye by commenting below. A winner will be chosen at random. Commenting will be open until this Friday (October 21st) at 11pm.

I’m so thrilled PUBLIC offered this giveaway to you guys. I’ve included my favorite PUBLIC products in this post, but if it were me spending the $100, I’d put it towards Christmas gifts, or the purchase of this beauty!Good luck! (Oh- and you can follow PUBLIC on Facebook and Twitter, too!)

my picks available here: bikebasketseatwine carrierlockbasketbellleather grips

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  1. Oh my! I love public and can’t wait to spoil myself one day with some new wheels. If I won this gift card though, I would buy my husband a new Brooks bike seat for Christmas- he has always wanted one.

    Thanks for having such a beautiful blog!

    Oct 19 2011 | Amy Saycich
  2. Beautiful!! My wheels could use a little update – I would love the basil basket, a cute new bell, a brooks saddle, or some new lights!!!

    Oct 19 2011 | Casey
  3. Oh my! I love public and am so excited one day to spoil myself with some new wheels. If I won this gift card though, I would buy my husband a new Brooks saddle (which he has been eyeing for awhile) for Christmas.

    Thanks for having such a fun and beautiful blog!

    Oct 19 2011 | Amy
  4. you weren’t kidding on twitter this is a fabulous giveaway! i just got a new bike but i’m lacking a basket so the peterboro would definitely be my first purchase. but then again the basil bottle basket is pretty awesome as well. decisions, decisions…..

    Oct 19 2011 | elissa
  5. Public bikes have been on my wishlist for months! hello, orange c7 with a peterborough basket…

    Oct 19 2011 | Danielle
  6. The Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket is so amazing! I would use it for our cat or other small items. And yes I said cat! He likes to be ridden around.

    Oct 19 2011 | ayesha
  7. I’m instantly drawn to the Step-Thru, but I’d love to find out from them what bike is best for the rolling hills in Seattle. I’d also choose the Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket. So, yeah, pick me.

    Oct 19 2011 | victoria
  8. such a wonderful giveaway!! I just bought a bike, so if I won, I’d get some lovely gear… maybe a basket, or bag. Truly, all of their products look amazing, so it would be a very tough choice!!

    Oct 19 2011 | kate
  9. drroling over the C3…

    Oct 19 2011 | alliemass
  10. i’m lovin’ the Peterboro Original Bike Basket. i had a wicker basket on an old 3 speed a long time ago and would love to replace it. now if only i had a cool bike to go with it…

    Oct 19 2011 | elaine
  11. This giveaway is amazing! I’ve been eyeing public for a long time now, and would love to get my hands on the public basket for the front and panniers for the back. fingers are crossed….

    Oct 19 2011 | Kristin
  12. the wine carrier and ALL of the leather saddles and baskets are amazing.

    Oct 19 2011 | Claire
  13. I love their bikes & accessories!! I already have two bikes so the fun stuff I can stick on them is what catches my eye. I’m obsessed w/getting some cork grips & would love the handlebar cup holder (because even though biking + hot coffee sounds crazy, it also sounds crazy awesome). Both my bikes lack lights, so I should definitely add those to my wishlist. And that wine carrier… I wanted to ride my bike to a party a couple of streets away this summer but could not figure out how to get the wine there in one piece. So one of those would be killer. 🙂

    Oct 19 2011 | Michelle
  14. The brooks saddles are so beautiful, I’ve been eyeing them for months!

    Oct 19 2011 | Kristen
  15. I love the little baby blue Public Bike Bell! All of their bikes are so freakin’ cute!

    Oct 19 2011 | Megan
  16. I am in love with the Basil Bike basket and the Somerset Pet basket. Such lovely products. I would like to save up for any of the bikes as well.

    Oct 19 2011 | Cate Keesling
  17. I love the wine carrier, but i would get a basket or the sparkle nut case!

    Oct 19 2011 | Jess
  18. Love the Peterboro basket, would look so good on my blue bike! And the Gekko tailight is a necessity for the early sunset here in Idaho. Great site!

    Oct 19 2011 | Morgan
  19. Oooh! Such a great giveaway! I so so want the D3 in orange!

    Oct 19 2011 | Lawn Party
  20. Oh my goodness. I LOVE Public. And as a daily bike commuter, (in Philly, woo woo!), I would definitely go for the Basil Bottle Basket. Maybe even two. Thanks!

    Oct 19 2011 | Emily Jean Leischner
  21. I’m a huuuuge fan of the public C7 bike!

    Oct 19 2011 | Emily
  22. I love Public! I really want the yellow Basil Bottle Basket for my new red bike. I also love the wine carrier! Such a great idea!

    Oct 19 2011 | Paige
  23. I got to test drive a Public Bike while in San Francisco and have had my eye on every since! PUBLIC V7 please!

    Oct 19 2011 | Kelly
  24. I need a basket so badly, as well as a handlebar cup holder, and these are SO well-designed compared to what I usually see out and about. I’m a college student in a huge biking city (Madison, WI — fellow Midwesterner) and I’m always doing the sketchy bike-with-hot-coffee balanced on handlebars or hooking bags on my handlebars in a very off-balance way. My little cruiser could use the love for farmers’ market trips and every day, but my university budget can’t handle it — so this would go a long way!

    Oct 19 2011 | Brigid
  25. eeep! how amazing! i’ve been seriously scouting new bikes all year (too late now, of course), but i would definitely put this toward some new wheels. fingers crossed!!

    Oct 19 2011 | carolyn
  26. Love the Peterboro Bike Basket!!! Would also love to purchase a bike so I can get around campus easily, love the c3 in orange.

    Oct 19 2011 | Elisheva
  27. I’ve been wanting a public bike for a while now. They are beautiful! I live in the city, so I’d use it every day!

    Oct 19 2011 | Ciara
  28. i’m a HUGE fan of PUBLIC bikes! a few months ago my precious bici was stolen from outside of my brooklyn apt. i dream of winning this gift card and using it towards the beautiful C7 bike! also love their many awesome basket options 🙂

    Oct 19 2011 | Colleen
  29. i would love to add the brass bell to my blue bike, plus the brooks brick lane roll up panniers. charming!

    Oct 19 2011 | victoria
  30. This is a great giveaway!
    I’d love one of the baskets. And a new Bern helmet would be nice…

    Oct 19 2011 | Carole K
  31. I have been looking for a basket to throw on my bike! these are perfect!

    Oct 19 2011 | Jillian
  32. I would buy two basil bottle baskets! One for me, and one for my guy!

    Oct 19 2011 | Crystal
  33. I’d love to add the wine carrier to my bike. How fun!

    Oct 19 2011 | Briana
  34. Ah! I love this place! I’ve had my eye on the Nau Rebound Jacket! So awesome. toes crossed!

    Oct 19 2011 | Elizabeth
  35. I’m moving back to the city soon for grad school and would love to be able to ride my bike to/from campus so I don’t have to pay for an overpriced parking pass (plus it’s good exercise!) I could use so many of the great accessories, too. They’re all amazing.

    Oct 19 2011 | Kate
  36. I am a daily commuter in Portland, so most of my bike gear is already taken care of. But also being from Portland I know the need for great rain gear and would put a GC towards the AGU Subita rain jacket and some boots. They always end up having to be replaced.

    Oct 19 2011 | Amy
  37. I would die for a white C7 bike!!!

    Oct 19 2011 | Betsy
  38. I love the leather wine holder and the rear basket!!

    Oct 19 2011 | Annie
  39. Wow, AWESOME giveaway! I didn’t realize what a great selection of gear they have. I could use a new helmet and lock. Cheers. 🙂

    Oct 19 2011 | fawn
  40. The Public Bell is so simple, but the bold color options take it to another level!

    Oct 19 2011 | Emily
  41. I would love love love to have one of the bike racks – either the wall hook or the gravity stand.

    Oct 19 2011 | Plunk!
  42. I would totally put this toward the C7 and the Basil Bottle Basket! Just moved to a new city, so a new bike and accessories seem fitting!

    Oct 19 2011 | Lauren
  43. I love PUBLIC! They do everything right. I have the most beautiful cream M8 that desperately needs a Brooks saddle and some nicer panniers!

    Oct 19 2011 | Vanessa
  44. Oh man. the M8 bike is on my wish list, big time (in orange). But, to dress up my current bike, I adore the Basil Bottle Basket, the Brooks B67S seat, the brass bell, and the leather wine bottle carrier. Really, I actually love everything.

    Oct 19 2011 | Sabrina
  45. LOVE public!! I soooo want their orange european style bike with adorable basket to ride around Seattle. love your blog too. 🙂

    Oct 19 2011 | Teresa Hillis
  46. i’d be interested in ‘bicycle diaries’ and the Brooks Leather Trouser Strap (why didn’t i think of that?)

    Oct 19 2011 | susan hwang
  47. I would splurge on one of the limited edition green Brooks saddles! Or the B17 with lovely copper rivets… Or the B67S (easier on the ol’ butt)…. Any of them would look super on my fixer-upper 1960’s Dutch ride!

    Oct 19 2011 | Lindsay
  48. i love the nantucket somerset pet basket! how adorable!!!

    Oct 19 2011 | Name kimia kline
  49. That orange D3 bike is out of this world amazing! I’ve had such a hard time finding myself a decent 3-speeder…I’m on the shorter end of things and the smaller bikes are harder to come by… :-/

    Oct 19 2011 | Madeline
  50. They have amazing stuff! If I was being practical, I would get lights for my bike. If I was just going by what I love, I would totally get that wine carrier! It’s so fun!

  51. This is awesome! I love the Classic City Bike!

    Oct 19 2011 | Rachel
  52. I would buy a helmet in powder blue, a rear bike rack with a spring clip, and a Swiss Loadfix Bungee Strap. It would make carrying all my stuff to college class a lot easier and it would make my rides on narrow, busy streets a lot safer!

    Oct 19 2011 | Jenna
  53. This is a great giveaway! I have a wishlist of stuff from Public.

    Oct 19 2011 | Name Molly
    I’ve been saving up for a new bike, and have had my eye on the D8 in green. Plus a wine carrier is NEVER a bad idea 😛

    Oct 19 2011 | Jesse
  55. I’ve been dying to buy myself a little basket for my old Schwinn. Pick meeee.:)

    Oct 19 2011 | Caley
  56. I LOVE these bikes! Especially the V7 in white. Just looks so classic. $100 off would be amazing and help me actually make the move to finally get one of these!! (and if I were splurging, I’d throw in the green Brooks seat!

    Oct 19 2011 | Cara
  57. I am so needing all of the baskets! That would be really fun to switch them out as needed. The Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket is just what I need right now!

    Oct 19 2011 | Elise
  58. I am a little lady and a PUBLIC D1 is made in a small size that is hard for me to find anywhere else! The baby blue color is my favorite!

    Oct 19 2011 | Samantha
  59. I love the PUBLIC Federico Red Brass Bell – it would look adorable on my blue bike (once I fix the flat tire, that is)

    Oct 19 2011 | Tekla
  60. well this would be perfect. I’m in the market for a new bike so I’d love to say I’d use the money to splurge on a public bike but also may pick up a sweet basket, bike seat, or light!

    Oct 19 2011 | Erica
  61. I have been looking for a new set of grips and saddle for my ride. This would help a ton!

    Oct 19 2011 | Philip
  62. I am in love with all of their baskets, and clever accessories. So chic! Thank you for hosting this giveaway, I am crossing my fingers!

    Oct 19 2011 | Samantha C.
  63. I’m in love with that Peterboro Original Bike Basket!! So adorable!!!!

    Oct 19 2011 | brittney
  64. Without a doubt, the Basil Bottle Basket inspired from the milk bottle baskets of the 1950’s. I am going to use it for picking a bottle or two of wine, hehe!
    cheers Angela

    Oct 19 2011 | Name angela
  65. love the yakkay helmut!

    Oct 19 2011 | Norma Jean
  66. I would definitely get a basket (which one is too hard to decide!) and a bell. Ding ding!

    Oct 19 2011 | Ashlie
  67. My twin sister just gifted me a bicycle for my big 3-0 and it’s become one of the highlights of Santa Monica living! However….I NEED MORE GEAR! I am living in fear without a helmet (the gold one is perfect) and the Basil Bottle Basket is on my must-list.

    Oct 19 2011 | Tammy
  68. PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!

    Those bikes are amazeballs I found so much I want to buy…

    Oct 19 2011 | Jason X.
  69. Nice I’ve been drooling over a Brooks Saddle for years…would snap one up in a heartbeat.

    Oct 19 2011 | JEnn M.
  70. Their bikes are GREAT! I also really love their handlebar and wine carriers. Dream biking…

    Oct 19 2011 | Andrea
  71. a bike, a basket, and a bell!!!!!!!!
    such a great giveaway —
    pick me, pick me!!

    Oct 19 2011 | christina marie
  72. i would put the gift card towards a new public cs in orange!

    Oct 19 2011 | michelle
  73. I’m drooling over the bicycles. yes please! and with a lovely pannier…yeah!

    Oct 19 2011 | zoë
  74. i don’t have a bike yet, I’m waiting to buy one when I move to Portland, but I’d love to win and get that peterboro bike basket or a rack for the back of the bike!

    Oct 19 2011 | Bre
  75. I need to learn how to ride my bike again! (They say you never forget, they’re wrong!). I would love to get a little bike! Thanks for the lovely giveaway! x

    Oct 19 2011 | ELIZABETH LEE
  76. I love the baskets and I really need a cute new one!!
    Cheers 🙂

    Oct 19 2011 | Kim
  77. I don’t mean to sound like a greedy jerk, but I could make a hundred bucks go a long way at Public. Everything is so darned good-looking. What I find especially nice : the front rack in vanilla, the Frederico bell, and the Basil bottle basket. Cute!!

    Oct 19 2011 | Tiffany
  78. you’re right, this IS an awesome giveaway!! absolutely love public bikes and my favorite is the V3! xo

    Oct 19 2011 | Janelle//the style eater
  79. I absolutely LOVE the Public bikes (especially the M8 in orange) but the accessories beat anything else out there! They are so stylish and cute, I wish I could get it all. My favorites include the Basil Bottle Basket and the Knog Kransky Lock which is unique and not overly bulky. The Public Basket also can be really handy at the Farmers Market. I can’t choose! It’s all too cute!

    Oct 19 2011 | Mariana
  80. Oh what a fantastic giveaway. I’ve been saving up for a public bike for ages and $100 would go a long way towards that goal. I hope I win!

    Oct 19 2011 | Mary
  81. Oooh, my bike is in dire need of some TLC. The Selle Royale Freeway Saddle would take care of my ragged, seriously uncomfortable and non-woman friendly seat, the PUBLIC Basket eliminates the embarrassing grocery bags + biking dilemma, and the silver Nutcase Street Helmet allows me some semblance of poshness in all my sweaty glory. Thanks for the give away!

    Oct 19 2011 | rebecca
  82. I have only heard amazing things about PUBLIC, and yours is no less! I love how the site lets you customize your bike to your lifestyle and taste. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    Oct 19 2011 | Margaret
  83. Oh my, I have always wanted a classic camel brown Brooks saddle, and that wine holder sure would come in handy! I wish I could order a PUBLIC bike today, mine is starting to feel a little rickety!

    Oct 19 2011 | Cookie and Kate
  84. I love all of them, totes adorbs. Anything in green that can get me up the hills of SF! 🙂 And I’d definitely get a lil basket for farmers’ market finds.

    Oct 19 2011 | Megan P
  85. Wow, such wonderful products from this company! I love the basil bottle basket. very functional. any of the brooks saddles would be dreamy to have for my own.

    Oct 19 2011 | Margaret
  86. I love this site! They have the best bike stuff. I would love the sparkle helmet which would motivate me to bike more, safely and in style. I also am loving the bike wine carrier!

    Oct 19 2011 | Katie
  87. Love all those great baskets!

    Oct 19 2011 | Claire
  88. Oh my! All of the bikes are adorable, but I think I’d love to have a sparkle nutcase helmet and a basil bottle basket to spruce up the one I have 😀

    Oct 19 2011 | Paola
  89. Public is a wonderful company that has been one of the solid contributors to making commuting popular again. While I might be tempted to say I want the Farmers Market panniers and a brass bell, I would select a Brooks Saddle. Brooks saddles are an exceptional product which have tempted me for a long time – this would provide the opportunity to finally have one.

    Oct 19 2011 | Patty
  90. Oh my, I absolutely love PUBLIC and have been eying all of their stuff for a while! I would love to get one of their bikes, but I think I’d put the gift card towards gearing up the bike I already have. I’m thinking the Brooks bike seat!

    Oct 19 2011 | Carolyn
  91. Love Public Bikes–they’re so gorgeous! Obsessed with that basket, and the wine clever!!

    Oct 19 2011 | Ranu
  92. Fantastic Giveaway! Thanks for sharing.
    I’ve had the “Peterboro Original Bike Basket – Large” in natural on my pinterest wishlist for too long! I’d definitely purchase one and put the rest toward the purchase of a new bike. I love the C7 in cream. I love that it’s the traditional ladies step through style.
    I’d feel so whimsical with this set up and imagine myself back in Lyon riding around!

    Oct 19 2011 | Courtney
  93. I’m not a biker, but my sister is. So I would give her the $100! My favorite item is definitely the farmers market twin panniers. Cute!

    Oct 19 2011 | Ashley@MarriedLane
  94. oh, glory. to own a public bike would make me more thrilled than a toddler with a lollipop. i’ve been drooling over their website for months now…that public M8 in chartreuse is the one for me!

    Oct 19 2011 | elizabeth
  95. I have been swooning over Public bikes ever since I heard about them. The M8 bike in blue is just dreamy.

    Oct 19 2011 | Hai Yen
  96. I have been dying for a Public bike and they are in my neighborhood! Perfect excuse to finally take the plunge. Really loving the C7 with leather grips and basket!

    Oct 19 2011 | Melissa
  97. I LOVE Public! I would put the $100 towards one of their bikes. probably the public v3!

    Oct 19 2011 | Monica
  98. The public loves PUBLIC!. I have my eyes on the leather wine carrier and the quick release basket for summer picnics.

    Oct 19 2011 | Sandra
  99. I would LOVE that wine carrier and the Peterboro bike basket! They’d be so incredibly useful! Fingers crossed!

    Oct 19 2011 | Elisabeth
  100. I’d put it toward a new helmet and lights–safety first (but also stylishly!)

    Love your blog. 🙂

    Oct 19 2011 | Jess Versus
  101. If I got the $100, I would buy the rear rack and the basil bottle basket! I live in a big city and get around on my bike but for some reason I do not have any type of basket or rack to strap things to. This would make life so much easier!

    Oct 19 2011 | Chelsea
  102. What an exciting giveaway!
    Here are my top picks:
    1) Basil Bottle Basket
    2) PUBLIC Bell
    3) Leather Bicycle Wine Carrier
    4) A Girl’s Bike Book

    I hope I win!!

    Oct 19 2011 | Katelyn Baker
  103. My batteries are out on my taillight, so I’ve been riding around with no taillight (don’t try this at home kids). I’ve been wanting to switch to rechargeable lights, so I need the Knog Boomer Rechargeable Taillight. Please help me stay alive!

    I also am having the hardest time find a good pannier that I can take to work and doesn’t go into my spokes. I want to try out the Po Campo Loop Pannier. It’s cute and functional.

    Oct 19 2011 | Carolyn
  104. i love the basil bottle basket in yellow! oh my goodness. this is a great giveaway!

    Oct 19 2011 | katrina
  105. How can I possibly choose? I love the brass bell and the leather grips. The basil bottle basket is also amazing. I could go on and on…love everything PUBLIC does.

    Oct 19 2011 | Name Jessica
  106. I adore the Brooks roll-up panniers. I’ve been riding with these heavy folding metal ones and would love to get more. I’d also love the C7 bike in white to put them on!

    Oct 19 2011 | elizabeth
  107. I’d have to pick up the knog kransky lock… its pretty and super secure. and the basket would be the perfect addition to any bike!
    Fabulous giveaway! Thanks for counting me in.

    Oct 19 2011 | Caroline C
  108. I can’t live without that wine bottle holder!

    Oct 19 2011 | Melissa
  109. i love the basil bottle basket and the po campo wristlet!

    Oct 19 2011 | meg
  110. i’d love a new saddle by brooks or the basil bottle basket. such a cool company!

    Oct 19 2011 | amber
  111. I would definitely put it towards a C7!

    Oct 19 2011 | Mer
  112. PERFECT timing! The boyfriend and I were just talking about how we need new bikes – this $100 would help so so much.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Oct 19 2011 | Kait
  113. 🙂 I have a 1973 Mercier frame, that is pink and I love it. I am in desperate need of some Panniers, because I ride to work every day and have been using a back pack (which isn;t terrible, but panniers would be awesome!). So I’d be going for the Brooks Brick Lane Roll-Up Panniers!

    Oct 19 2011 | Meeri
  114. A Public V7 in that brilliant green color with the classic diamond frame would be a dream! I have seen these around town, and I drool every time I imagine myself on such a gorgeous bike. Please pick me! 🙂

    Oct 19 2011 | Kay
  115. loving the sparkly nutcase helmet!

    Oct 19 2011 | Lisa
  116. I love the Peterboro original bike basket, and of course, any model bike in ORANGE!!! I also like the Basil bottle basket.

    Oct 19 2011 | kate anderson
  117. I love all of the baskets, but I also think having a super cute helmet would be great for campus!

    Oct 19 2011 | Anne
  118. I am loving that green Brooks saddle! Such fun stuff – thanks for the great giveaway!

    Oct 19 2011 | Allie
  119. ooo wooow. if i had to choose i would love the basil bottle basket or the gold sparkle nutcase helmet!

    Oct 19 2011 | anna elsa
  120. Thanks for hosting such a cool giveaway! I have been lusting after the V7 (green, of course) for ages. Sigh…I can picture it now…

    Oct 19 2011 | Susan
  121. While I’d love to buy one of those bikes, I’m a university student and I know leaving it unattended on campus would be a recipe for disaster, so I’d be going for a rack and basket. I love the bottle basket, but any of them would make me happy.

    Oct 19 2011 | Gill
  122. Love the Public C7! Would be so perfect for cycling around the city!

    Oct 19 2011 | Loring
  123. I love the “Yepp Maxi Rear Child Seat “. I think the orange would look great on my bike. Too many great things to choose from!

    Oct 19 2011 | Robin Witte
  124. The doggie basket! I have been eyeing it for months!!!!!!!! Gidget the dog would love it too.

    Oct 19 2011 | Samantha
  125. What gorgeous bikes! The M3 has stolen my heart, but until I can afford a new bike, I need that sparkly Nutcase helmet and the red brass bell.

    Oct 19 2011 | Amy
  126. Biking to work everyday on the blue PUBLIC C3 would be a dream – esp. the days I wear skirts! Dismounting can be a pain/embarrassment on my current set of wheels.

    Oct 19 2011 | Mandy
  127. i love them all! classic yet modern in the most beautifully simple way

    Oct 19 2011 | christine
  128. Ah! I absolutely love Public! I could really use a pannier for my bike! 🙂

    Oct 19 2011 | joyce
  129. Public is amazing! An orange C7 with a basket – LOVE!!

    Oct 19 2011 | Kristin
  130. I’d love to get a set of lights, the basil bottle basket, and the awesome handlebar mug holder to make my morning commute even better!

    Oct 19 2011 | Amanda
  131. I love the metal basket and the bell. Plus, those are two things my bike really needs!

    Oct 19 2011 | Sherri
  132. Oh my! I would love to win this giveaway! I have had my eye on the PUBLIC basket for quite some time. Fingers crossed!

    Oct 19 2011 | jen
  133. I would love the C7 or the C3 (yay maybe 1/5 of the way there!)–and as for accessories, the green Brooks saddle, the red brass bell, and some cool saddle bags (Brooks roll up). Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

    Oct 19 2011 | Candice
  134. I know my tush would definitely appreciate a new Brooks saddle, but so many wonderful things, how can I choose!

    Oct 20 2011 | Anna
  135. I’ve been wanting one of their bikes for awhile, so I think I’d put it toward that.

    Oct 20 2011 | Hanna
  136. Not what most people would say, but the Nutcase Pixie helmet’s so cute and functional! A new basket would be amazing, too..

    Oct 20 2011 | Mani
  137. I’ve got my eye on the Peterboro Original Bike Basket but I could seriously go crazy in this store. So much goodness. Fingers crossed!

    Oct 20 2011 | Faye
  138. brooks leather seat and grips for my Public V7. I didn’t know a product could bring so much joy!

    Oct 20 2011 | stephen m
  139. Dear Wit & delight,

    I’ve found the perfect gift for my fixed-loving amour! It’s the ***brooks leather grips***!
    Why? He loves his self- made fixie bike soo much he can’t decide for weeks what type of grip he wants to put on it as he definitly likes the aluminium-shining of his steering wheel. But as autumn arrives, and rainy days become more frequently, losing grip on one’s steering wheel in the rain would be.. i don’t even want to think about it!
    The brooks leather grips are in one word: perfect. A nice honey, washed texture and colour and most importantly, they are sustainable! A second life for these leather grips, on a nice fixed bike for my love, yes, it’ll be just perfect.

    Oct 20 2011 | kT
  140. The D8 looks snazzy!

    Oct 20 2011 | Chris
  141. i love the public d bike!!! the cream and the orange are the stuff of my dreams… of course there would be a basket involved (:

    Oct 20 2011 | jmargaretw
  142. I would absolutely put a gift certificate toward one of those limited edition colorful Brooks saddles 🙂 Oooor maybe the 6 Corners Wristlet handlebar bag and a new helmet. Oooor…

    Oct 20 2011 | erica
  143. The C7 in orange! I ride my brothers old mountain bike to work every day, and on my hilly commute, I cross a busy intersection, an intersection at which i often catch a red light. More than once I’ve fallen off my bike trying to keep myself balanced while waiting for green lights, much to the amusement of the drivers next to me. A step-through frame is what I wish for each time I fall over! I’ve been eying the C7 since August and have been saving since. A $100 boost would make my dreams come true!

    Oct 20 2011 | Justine
  144. Nice giveaway!
    I use my bike everyday, and I really need a new one. that blue C3 is soo beautiful. And I want it with the Peterboro basket in Honey.

    Oct 20 2011 | Sarah
  145. Steel, brass and tarnished leather! This could be the perfect bike or a room.

    Oct 20 2011 | Courtney
  146. haha funny story. I am 29 and just learning how to ride a bike. Public is such a fun bike shop! I love the Tretorn Skerry Rain Boots and the Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket is the cutest thing EVER!

    Oct 20 2011 | anna
  147. I would put it towards a new D8 for sure! I love Public! Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

    Oct 20 2011 | esther
  148. I’ve been wanting a Public Bike for some time now. It would definitely go towards the D8. Such a wonderful giveaway your hosting!

    Oct 20 2011 | Caitlin
  149. the m8 in green is my first choice. then i would love to own one of those sweet rear racks, a nutcase helmet and a brooks seat. here’s hoping i win and don’t get ran over.

    Oct 20 2011 | Desi
  150. The Bern Helmets are sweet.

    Oct 20 2011 | Adam
  151. Loving the Brooks Brick Lane Roll-Up Panniers – what a beautiful bag…. PICK ME PRETTY PLEASE!!!

    Oct 20 2011 | Laura Elmer
  152. Serendipity [ser-uhn-dip-i-tee] noun.
    I went bike riding (along the beach!) this past weekend for the first time in a long time (since childhood), and now I’m obsessed. How lucky that I chanced upon this giveaway! I would buy the Public D1 (a simple, single-speed cruiser) to ease my way back into biking– it would truly be serendipitous if I were to win! 😉

    Fingers crossed!

    Oct 20 2011 | Pin
  153. I love the Peterboro Original bike basket.

    Oct 20 2011 | Essie
  154. I’d buy my wife and I baskets for our bikes that we got as a wedding presents from my brother and sister in law. i’ve had my i on some for a while now.

    Oct 20 2011 | Jeff
  155. Ah, I have been lusting after these bikes for months now. I just moved 2.5 [flat-ish] miles from my office and need a reason to exercise more… what better way than commuting on one of these beauties?! I <3 the c-7. I wear a ton of skirts and dresses to work so I would appreciate the step-thru frame. And how can I resist that gorgeous orange? I adore the Basil Bottle Basket. I hope it'd be big enough to carry my work bag. And of course I couldn't do without some flashing lights–despite how bike-friendly Oakland and Berkeley are, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

    Oct 20 2011 | Candice
  156. I have fallen for the PUBLIC V7. I live in DC and am getting back into biking here after a fear of DC drivers This bike seems like a perfect fit for riding DC style.

    Oct 20 2011 | Molly Fitzgerald
  157. *Swoooning* over the Brooks saddle, little brass bell and Brooks Brick Lane Panniers.

    Oct 20 2011 | Belinda
  158. I’ve been coveting a C3 for a very long time. Fingers crossed!

    Oct 20 2011 | Julie
  159. I would absolutely love to be able to give my boyfriend the PUBLIC V7 this Christmas! We definitely missed out on romantic summer bike rides together. An all green set would be absolutely fantastic- it’s his favorite color.

    Oct 20 2011 | Marie
  160. Love the AGU Poncho, especially here in the NW!

    Oct 20 2011 | Seanacey
  161. The “V7” bike in White {because it is purely delicious}; suits my fancy just fine!

    Oct 20 2011 | Lisa-Lila
  162. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a Public C3 sitting under the tree?

    Oct 20 2011 | Lila Pezdirc
  163. I could really use the Peterboro Original Bike Basket!


    Oct 20 2011 | Tony
  164. The C3 in white with the basil bottle basket in yellow make the perfect pair!

    Oct 20 2011 | Haley
  165. I’d love the M8 in chartreuse!

    Oct 21 2011 | sylvia
  166. This is perfect timing!! I’ve had my eye on the orange C7 for weeks now – love the style of these bikes!

    Oct 21 2011 | Amy
  167. Those roll-up panniers look really useful…

    Oct 21 2011 | CT
  168. The bike itself is just glorious. I wouldn’t mind having the basket or the wine carrier either!

    Oct 21 2011 | NameDanielle
  169. My bike has been stolen so I really need another! Loving the V7 in Green with the Peterboro Original Bike Basket! So chic!

    Oct 21 2011 | Leah
  170. I’d love the M8 in Powder Blue with the Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket!! My pets need a bike ride! Love this giveaway!

    Oct 21 2011 | Jane
  171. I need a helmet and a basket. I’d get Nutcase Street Helmet – Sparkles in gold and maybe the Wald 137 Medium Front Basket (+ a gift for The Husband).

    Oct 21 2011 | Hillary
  172. I love Public, makes we wish I still lived in SF. I’ve been meaning to get a Rear Rack, and what would go do nicely with that, you may ask? Why I would love PUBLIC Farmers Market Twin Panniers in Red!!!

    Oct 21 2011 | Mar
  173. My husband is drooling over the Brooks Brick Lane Roll-Up Panniers bag and I’m obsessed with I admittedly want the wine carrier just because it would make my bike look so much cooler. I don’t even drink wine (semi-allergic) so I guess I could put a nice thing of sparkling grape juice in there!

    Oct 21 2011 | viv
  174. I would get the hunter green rack, along with a black basket!

    Oct 21 2011 | Colin
  175. i love the way these bikes look! dream setup would be the m8 in cream, brass bell and rear rack — joy!

    Oct 21 2011 | dianna
  176. i had my back stolen earlier this year and have been saving my money for an orange V3 Public Bike for months now! I get major bike jealousy when I see people riding them around NYC, cant wait to one day own one 🙂

    Oct 21 2011 | Stephanie
  177. Yes! I just got a bike for running around the neighborhood and I desprately need some things to outfit it for errands! The basil crate basket looks great and I’ve been eyeing that wine carrier on interest for a while.

    Oct 21 2011 | Ashlea
  178. I ride my vintage bike everyday to school and for errands in NYC — so these accessories (and not to mention a potential new, lighter bike) wold be SO SO SO SO helpful! I love the basket!!

    Oct 21 2011 | Camilla
  179. Everything from Brooks is classic, especially loving the leather grips.

    Oct 21 2011 | Kyle
  180. I would lovvvvvvveeeeeee a Bern helmut and the cute red bike bell too.
    oh please oh please cross my fingers and toes!!

    Oct 21 2011 | regina
  181. I LOVE the Brooks Brick Lane Roll-Up Panniers! It would make going to work and the market, etc. so much easier and more stylish. And the PUBLIC stripe helmet makes me want to wear a helmet while riding! Hope I could use that helmet AND perhaps a new PUBLIC bike!

    Oct 21 2011 | Whitney
  182. Public’s online store is chock full of perfect goodies! I would buy my dad a bike bag and my mom a basket. They just bought a pair of beach cruisers to go on rides along the beach together and these accessories would be perfect!

    Oct 21 2011 | britney
  183. I would put the $100 towards a bike, probably the C3

    Oct 21 2011 | caitlin
  184. How exciting! I love the wine holders and the panniers. Honestly, I love it all!

    Oct 21 2011 | Sherala
  185. That basil bottle basket is perfect! Such a great giveaway.

    Oct 21 2011 | Jenn
  186. Hello Lovlies,

    I’m hoping that you mean 11:00 pm, PT.

    Ah, the Peterborough basket is my choice. The basil bottle accessory is also very tempting.

    Keep up the good work!

    Oct 21 2011 | Skye Wentworth
  187. i’m loving the aged saddle and the basil bottle basket. amazing! love public..
    thanks for a chance to win!

    Oct 21 2011 | jennifer
  188. GOSH if it wasn’t a orange M# I would definitely get a sparkly gold Nutcase helmet and a bell!

    Oct 22 2011 | Aileen
  189. I mean m3!

    Oct 22 2011 | Aileen
  190. i know this has almost nothing to do with bicycles, but looking at their website,
    i just love the little yellow tretorn skerry rain boots!! They are adorable, and i would love a pair!!!!
    Also, love your blog, keep up the great work! i will keep checking up 🙂

    Oct 26 2011 | riley
  191. I love the Farmer’s Market Twin Panniers! Perfect for all my farmer’s market finds!

    Oct 27 2011 | Erika
  192. These bikes are so beautiful. I would definitely buy a bike. I also really like their front basket.

    Nov 02 2011 | Erica