what fashion faux pas?

every season there are looks that i just can’t do. it’s not that i don’t think they look great on other women. i just look like a total clown in certain faux-pas we’ve revisited lately. For example: overalls, bermuda shorts, and drop crotch pants… all looks i admire from far, far away, in my comfy spectator seat. to the women blessed with the swag (and/or legs) to make those work, WORD.

lately, some very chic women pooh-poohed the shared thought that denim is not to be paired with others of its kind. and i have to say, this is one faux pas that i’m embracing this season. i’ve worn something similar in contrasting denims (lighter top and darker jeans), and really liked the ease of the look. the key, as always, is in choosing the right cut and proportion for your body. personally, i think a denim top without the “western” embellishments helps a great deal.

have you done denim on denim yet?

image by vanessa jackman