what fashion faux pas?

Posted 10/11/11 by Kate Arends

every season there are looks that i just can’t do. it’s not that i don’t think they look great on other women. i just look like a total clown in certain faux-pas we’ve revisited lately. For example: overalls, bermuda shorts, and drop crotch pants… all looks i admire from far, far away, in my comfy spectator seat. to the women blessed with the swag (and/or legs) to make those work, WORD.

lately, some very chic women pooh-poohed the shared thought that denim is not to be paired with others of its kind. and i have to say, this is one faux pas that i’m embracing this season. i’ve worn something similar in contrasting denims (lighter top and darker jeans), and really liked the ease of the look. the key, as always, is in choosing the right cut and proportion for your body. personally, i think a denim top without the “western” embellishments helps a great deal.

have you done denim on denim yet?

image by vanessa jackman

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  1. I am all for the Texas Tuxdeo look. I think it works especially well when the shirt is chambray rather than heavy denim, as well as, like you say, lacking the typical western adornments. I don’t think I’d ever done it before this year, but I surprise myself all summer long by constantly throwing indigo on indigo. I love it!


    Oct 11 2011 | Nomadic D
  2. I totally do this! I love pairing my dark denim jeans with a light colored chambray top!

    Oct 11 2011 | Alex
  3. I used to mock, and now LOVE, the Texas Tuxedo! Ha!

    Oct 11 2011 | sierra
  4. you guys, i have never heard of this term “texas tuxedo”. it’s hilarious. 🙂

    Oct 11 2011 | Kate
  5. I haven’t done this myself but have admired from afar! I have yet to find the perfect-fit denim top for me…the search continues!

    Oct 11 2011 | ashmastandrea
  6. That shirt looks like it’s linen. I think the secret to doing indigo on indigo is texture. She looks amazing.

    Oct 11 2011 | Desi
  7. this is crazy, but i actually had a DREAM about this last night. i think i’ll have to try it out this wkend.

    Oct 11 2011 | joanna goddard
  8. oh you must! you’ll look great in this look.

    Oct 11 2011 | Kate
  9. I’ve had the denim on denim discussion with my mom for years! I agree it can look great, this picture you posted looks amazing. I just can’t bring myself to try it. In the spring/summer I often wear a denim jacket, but never I’d pair it with jeans…
    Maybe one day I’ll have/make the perfect denim top and I’ll start pairing it with some jeans…

    Oct 11 2011 | Vivi
  10. Love this image! We call it double denim in Australia, and yes I have done it. Although I am much like you and where different shades of it. Like black jeans with a faded blue denim jacket. It’s kind of my go-to look. Relaxed and carefree x

    Oct 11 2011 | Claire
  11. i love that double denim is the name for this. she wears this so chicly! Desi’s right; the variations in denim is essential to pulling this off!

    Oct 14 2011 | sola