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Posted 01/09/12 by Kate Arends


Charles & Ray Eames: The Architect and The Painter. It is currently streaming on PBS. The couple that never fails to inspire creative living.

Turntable Kitchen :: The Best 7″ Vinyl Singles of 2011. Fantastic round up from one of my favorite blogs.

Booties with boyfriend jeans. It’s actually been mild and enjoyable this winter. All the more reason to enjoy naked ankles and fussier footwear. via +.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on Charles & Ray! I had no clue they had streaming video on PBS!!! Your blog makes my life better 🙂


    Jan 09 2012 | Haley
  2. I had no idea about that eames special either, must DVR it!

    Jan 09 2012 | Kate
  3. Thanks for sharing the Eames link! Definitely watching it tonight!

    Jan 09 2012 | Alex
  4. i’m loving that mix. thanks for the suggestion. i love it when someone else rummages through the madness and comes back bearing gifts.

    also thanks for that ankle boot with boyfriend jeans pic. i was having a very frustrating time working my ankle boots and jeans combo this weekend.

    Jan 09 2012 | Desi
  5. Damn. I can’t watch the movie from France, due to rights restrictions.. Hope it will be released down there – but i have no idea if it will 🙁

    Jan 09 2012 | Marion
  6. I have that documentary recorded! Can’t wait to snuggle in and watch.

    Jan 09 2012 | Michelle
  7. You are so sweet! Thanks for the shoutout to our mix – glad you are enjoying it!

    Jan 09 2012 | Kasey
  8. Loving the ankle booties with boyfriend jeans, I must try it!

    Jan 09 2012 | Lizzie
  9. it has been warmer here in the midwest….no snow drifts, yet! love wearing ankle booties instead of uggs.

    Jan 09 2012 | M.Fay
  10. Yes please! I simply adore this inspirational time of year filled with good music, good outfits, and good movies.

    Jan 09 2012 | apricots+silk
  11. love this.

    Jan 10 2012 | raneytown