Ikea Shoe Solution

Posted 01/02/13 by Kate Arends

How brilliant is closet storage solution? Affordable and pretty good looked when all said and done.

Photos and closet by mariaemb.

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  1. Sadly, i have way more shoes than that (I’d probably need a wall full of hooks), but it does look nice!

    Jan 02 2013 | phoebe
  2. seriously brilliant closet organization. definitely will have to update my scarf storage.

    Love the new layout, although the caps lock makes it look like everyone’s yelling out their comments. hilarity ensues.

    Jan 02 2013 | Hannah
  3. hey i like that!

    Jan 02 2013 | samira
  4. This is a gorgeous idea. I want the shoes too.

    Jan 02 2013 | Heather
  5. Looks fabulous, but I’m with Phoebe, I have way too many shoes for that to work! I have my own ikea solution though: I just bought a cheap bookcase and use that to store my shoes!


    Jan 03 2013 | Nomadic D.
  6. Brilliant! What else is brilliant? You’re new site – it looks great!

    Jan 03 2013 | Sarah Carlson
  7. Love the new site! Nicely done.

    Jan 03 2013 | yvonne
  8. This is brilliant! Must try.


    Jan 03 2013 | Erin
  9. I really like ikea stuff, they have a lot of good solution.

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