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Posted 01/08/13 by Kate Arends

This summer, my friend Collin Hughes stopped by to shoot some proper head shots and general apartment photos for an e-zine interview that ended up falling through. I loved the pictures, so I thought I’d post some of my favorites here. Because the e-zine focused specifically on design and music, we shot my “freelance studio” (that tiny desk on the right) and my less-than-impressive “sound system”. Yes, I am one of those women who doesn’t care much for sound systems.



However, as mentioned in previous interviews, specifically with Turntable Kitchen, I inherited a stack of vinyl records from my father that hold quite a bit of sentimental value. To this day, he gives an inordinate amount of credit to Joni Mitchell for helping him capture the heart of his wife and my mother, Anne Arends. Too shy to ask her out, he lent her a copy of Mitchell’s record, Blue, as a way to guarantee they’d see each other again. That they did, and after bonding over their love for folk music, acoustic guitar, poetry and hiking, my father proposed with a limited edition Taylor guitar. To make this story even more adorable, last month he took the Taylor in for a tune up to find that the serial number revealed the model was so rare, it was one of the few guitars ever made by the hand of THE Bob Taylor. So long story short, what I value most about my music set up are the pieces of vinyl that made my existence a reality.

Photo by Collin Hughes

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So really, I owe Joni Mitchell one. Thanks, Joni.

Photo by Collin Hughes

Photo by Collin Hughes

Back to the photos. After flipping through my newer records and having Collin insist I embarrass myself by playing air guitar with a ruler (NOT PICTURED), we walked to Treehouse Records. This is a record store many music enthusiasts consider a Minneapolis landmark. Located at 26th and Lyndale in south Minneapolis for the past 4 decades, the Treehouse Records legacy started in ’72 as it quickly became the epicenter for the Twin Cities punk scene. Today, they remain a staple in the Twin Cities underground/independent music community and one of the best sources for vinyl in the state.

Photo by Collin Hughes

Photo by Collin Hughes

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane and a peek into a bit of Minneapolis’ music history. Check out Collin’s work here. He’s an up and coming talent in the editorial world and I guarantee you’ll come to know his work soon. His ‘grams are pretty incredible, too. More photos on the W&D Facebook page.

Photo by Collin Hughes

Photo by Collin Hughes

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  1. love those jeans! where are they from?

    Jan 08 2013 | Annie
  2. they’re from urban!

    Jan 08 2013 | Kate
  3. Such a fun post and LOVE the way you’ve decorated your apartment (we have the DC version of that Chicago poster in our apt :)).

    What was the name of the e-zine you mentioned? I’d love to check it out!

  4. It was called The CRFTY. they’ve been updating their tumblr, but the e-zines didn’t quite manifest itself.

    Jan 08 2013 | Kate
  5. Love this post and I love Collin-he has such a great eye.

    Jan 08 2013 | Brandi
  6. Great photos, and what a lovely story about your parents! I always enjoying seeing pictures of your apartment.

    Jan 08 2013 | CW
  7. Love these pictures and the story about your parents. You’re gorgeous Kate! <3

    Jan 08 2013 | Vanessa
  8. thanks lady 🙂

    Jan 08 2013 | Kate
  9. Love your hat Kate! Where’s it from?

    Jan 08 2013 | Shawnna
  10. i got it from a discount retail store a few years ago, not sure who makes it but it’s nothing too fancy.

    Jan 08 2013 | Kate
  11. love love love these photos! and extra love your redesign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this comment box is the shiz. muah!

    Jan 08 2013 | MaeMae
  12. AH! thank you so much, lady pal. excited to see you soon.

    Jan 08 2013 | Kate
  13. Ahh, yes. That record store will always be known lovingly as Oarfolk (short for Oarfolkjokeopos) to those of us who spent our youth combing through the bins. Nice memories, all the way around!

    Jan 08 2013 | chris
  14. Your parents’ story is super adorable! And your apartment seems so warm and cozy!

    Jan 08 2013 | Jensen
  15. Girlfriend, those jeans were made for you. What brand are they?

    Jan 08 2013 | Jenny
  16. Can you say where you got all the prints from on your gallery wall? I love them and they look so great together.

    Jan 08 2013 | Deb
  17. I love your space, and these photos!

    Jan 09 2013 | Michelle
  18. You’re pretty adorable. Good stuff.

    Jan 09 2013 | Just Some Dude
  19. Love your sweater/top! Where is that from?

    Jan 10 2013 | Becky
  20. Love the purse! What brand?

    Jan 11 2013 | Kelly
  21. great photos; you look adorable!

    Jan 13 2013 | Sobrina
  22. I LOVE the story about your records and how your parents met. So sweet! I inherited my father’s vinyl collection as well and they are probably my most valued possessions of all time.
    P.S. your blog is beyond beautiful.

    Jan 18 2013 | Haley
  23. thank you, haley!

    Jan 21 2013 | Kate
  24. I work at Treehouse Records and just love how you’ve portrayed us here. You’re super beautiful and seem to have great taste–I will hope to see you in the store sometime soon!

    Jul 18 2013 | Sabrina
  25. I am so, so happy to hear that, Sabrina! I live just around the corner and will be sure to pop in to say hello very soon. Thanks the kind words and for leaving a note!

    Jul 21 2013 | Kate
  26. So sweet! I love the story about your parents..

    Sep 04 2015 | Melo