W&D Loves: Cuyana Japan

If you’re a regular Wit & Delight reader, you’ve probably heard me squawk about the awesomeness of Cuyana in the past. Every few months, Cuyana rolls out a line of products produced in a specific part of the world. The design and theme of the products are influenced by the culture and manufacturing expertise of the region, which is inherently embedded into every detail of the product.

Cuyana Breakfast at the Brue's

When Cuyana’s line of Japanese home goods came out, I knew I had to get my paws on it. The line includes gorgeous porcelain, wood, and cork containers for jams and butters, a hard-working cutting board, porcelain tea tumblers and elegant cheese dome. I mean, it doesn’t get more accessible and refined than this line.

Cuyana Breakfast at the Brue's

Cuyana Breakfast at the Brue's

I gave the line a test run last weekend when Dahlia had Kate, Melissa and I over for a little breakfast and coffee before heading to NorthernGRADE. I brought over a simple spread that was not without a few elegant details, which seemed fitting given the Japanese influence. We poached eggs and placed them on top of grilled baguettes that were spread with cream cheese, capers, and smoked salmon. We topped the whole thing off with a few snippets of dill. There was a bit of prosecco and orange juice involved, too. Serious yum.

Dahlia and Hudson, Cuyana Japanese Line, via witanddelight.com

Dahlia’s son, Hudson “The Dude” Brue, gave us his non-verbal approval on the art direction of the table top spread, and Melissa Oholendt shot these beautiful images. I’d highly recommend making this smoked salmon delight for breakfast, and shopping the Cuyana Japanese line here! If I had to pick a favorite item from the line, it would be the butter case. It is the perfect size for european butters, or butters of the homemade variety. More photos of the line are on the W&D Facebook Page.

And one more thing! I’m part of Cuyana’s 14 Days of Love series, going on right now. Check out all the interviews here, and I hope you’re all feeling the festivities this week.

Photo Credit: Melissa Oholendt, rockstar.

If you’re curious: My button down shirt is c/o Taylor Stitch, vest c/o Parc Boutique, bracelet c/o Young Frankk, rings c/o Alexis Russell