Rowley Eyewear

There’s never been a better time to be four-eyed. Optical frames are available in just about every stylish option you could imagine, and most likely, you’re enjoying this trend by switch styles on the regular. But if you’re anything like me, you’re still searching for that perfect pair. If you can relate to the former, I envy you!

While I’ve enjoyed the accessibility of Warby Parker’s price points and the wide variety of styles offered by See Eyewear, I’ve found it difficult to find frames that fit my face just so. They’re too big, too round, too wide…too black, too brown – you know how it goes. I’ve gotten so desperate, I’ve even shopped the kids section! Let me tell you – the options are pretty limited over there.


Still, I was optimistic when asked to give Cynthia Rowley’s new line of glasses a whirl. I’ve always enjoyed her approach to fashion, and the frames offered strong silhouettes with a timeless style that made them suitable for both sexes.


I’m happily sharing style No. 39 with you today because I finally found an oversized pair that fits! This style has a nice retro quality to them, and I’m getting the oversized look without looking bug-eyed. The honey tortoise color is beautiful, and given the fit of the frame, I wouldn’t hesitate to get this style in Clear, too.

Aesthetics and fit aside, the thing I love most about Cynthia Rowley’s new eyewear line is Rowely Care. You can opt into the program by paying a $50 annual fee, or $5 per month. Then throughout the year, you can buy as many frames as you’d like for 50% off. They call it “fashion insurance”, and the sentiment behind this program is one I can get behind.

W&D for Cynthia Rowley_33

“We were sitting around the office talking about how to make our eyewear project a reality. I realized that the thing that’s restricting about optical frames is how people always wear the same pair?! It feels so antiquated. I wanted to be able to offer people the ability to have an eyewear arsenal and think of eyewear as fashion rather than just a necessity.

The price of most quality frames prevents people from buying multiple pairs. You don’t wear the same shoes every day so why not exercise the same freedom with eyewear? This Rowley Care option is essentially fashion insurance. The program gives you the ability to change up your eyewear at a reduced price while also helping you out if you should lose or break your frames. (or leave them in a taxi. D’oh!)

Rowley Eyewear offers both optical frames and sunglasses for purchase at Rowley Eyewear.

Photos by Melissa Oholendt, Frames c/o Rowley Eyewear