W&D Style: The Floor-Sweeping Cardigan Look

Posted 02/27/14 by Kate Arends

I’m excited to introduce my first style contributor to Wit & Delight, Alecia Zasiebida! Alecia runs the lifestyle blog Likes of Us and has incredible eye. Alecia and I have fun history- we worked together on her wedding invitations! We’ve become internet friends since then, and I’m excited for what she has in store for you all. You can read more about Alecia on the W&D About page, or over at Likes of Us.

I’m pretty certain I live in the same cardigan all winter long (no shame). So, of course these looks are speaking my style language. The floor-grazing cardigan is a great option as we (hopefully sooner rather than later) transition from winter to spring. And, the best part is I find it just as easy to throw on over your favorite pair of jeans and t-shirt combo, as it is to dress up with some fancy footwear. Either way, it looks attainable and comfortable – two of my favorite things. – Alecia

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  1. So excited to see Alecia over here! A, you and I are thinking exactly the same today – yesterday I went shopping and bought 2 longer cardigans for the spring transition. I’m just like you, I LIVE in cardigans and sweaters all winter so I’ll have withdrawals when it comes to summer! haha!

    Feb 27 2014 | Jessica (Coco/Mingo)
  2. She’s great, isn’t she?? Glad you’re excited!

    Feb 27 2014 | Kate
  3. Yes! Love you both + very excited for this collaboration in the future!

  4. Good ideas on how to wear this piece. I have one but struggle with it at times. I tend to go for the short dress underneath. 🙂

    Feb 27 2014 | Michelle
  5. Go Alecia go! So excited to see you here on W&D. Loving all of these cozy cardigans… I’m always down for any excuse to dress in something that could pass as pjs. 😉

    Feb 27 2014 | Chelsea
  6. Love Alecia, so excited to see her over here! And such a great post too–I’m totally digging these cardis 🙂

    Feb 27 2014 | Kristyn @ Milk + Crown
  7. Seriously the best combo, kate + alecia. So happy to see Alecia on here, her style and design are impeccable.

    I have yet to get myself one of these floor-sweeping cardigans, but you know I absolutely LOVE them. Comfy and chic, that’s what it’s all about.

    Feb 27 2014 | Victoria
  8. Fabulous post, Alecia! I was way ahead of the trend… Bought my long cardi several yrs back. Probably time for a new one, good excuse to go shopping 🙂

    Feb 27 2014 | Tiffany
  9. LOVE Alecia!

    Feb 27 2014 | Michelle
  10. So very excited for this collaboration. It is like two of my favorite lifestyle bloggers came together in the most amazing way….sorta like a surprise party I didn’t know about. Congrats again, Alecia. And Kate, bravo for selecting a good one! xo.

    Feb 27 2014 | Jamy
  11. I’m obsessed with floor-length cardigans! I only have one and definitely want to expand it to a few 😉

    Mar 19 2014 | Jenmarie