W&D Style: Chop, Chop!

I have rocked my long hair, don’t care, policy for a while now (probably a term I should retire, but I’m still saying it anyway). In the past, I’ve been reluctant to any hair change, and is the reason why I have had the same hairstyle for over 5 years. So, it’s about time to mix things up. Lately everywhere I go, I’ve been seeing these shorter hair do’s (Kate’s included), which has inspired me to do a little chop-chop myself for the upcoming warm weather. The last thing I want/need in 100% humidity is anything stuck to the back of my neck. And, while I might not be brave enough to go super short like option one or two, since I have serious emotional scars from a few bad haircuts, I’m still looking to shed more than a couple inches. Though the question remains, bangs or no bangs? It seems like such a commitment. – Alecia



  • So brave! i just chopped 7 inches off my hair, and I really don’t know what to do with it now!!!! Long hair was easier to do, but maybe I just haven’t figured out how to style it yet? It’s been tough, but I really do love all of these styles!! Just need to figure out how to work with my hair!

  • Look 4 is short?! Alexa Chung makes every hair “wish list” I ever make. I had that exact cut and loved the bangs way more in the winter than the summer…too hot.

  • It’s really a question of how your hair grows. If it grows forward naturally, go bangs. But if you have any kind of cowlick, say hello to frequent bang washes and flat ironing. I had bangs all through my teen years and then I said F-this, I’m growing them out. Now I never have to worry about how squished they look under a hat, or that annoying stage when they’re long enough to poke my eyeballs. Still, my mom is ALWAYS saying, “Why don’t you get bangs again? So cute.” Nooooo, never agaaaiin, Mom.

  • I wish I had the guts to do some serious chopping, but the thought that it’ll take me years to grow back to my current length makes me panicky. Bad short hair cut emotional scars here, too. 😉

    I’ve had bangs most of my life, so trust me when I say bangs in the summer is the absolute WORST. If you don’t like the idea of long hair sticky to you in humidity, bangs sticking to your forward is torture. They get all sweaty, and flat, and just yuck. So glad I grew mine out last year. (Just my 2c.)

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  • I have been seriously contemplating this as well. I have never had short hair but for some reason, with all these great looks our there, I want it. My hair stylist though, told me she had to think about it. Ha! Now I am 50/50. Love the post.

  • As someone who has long and short hair all my life. Cutting your hair is the most liberating thing you can do. A few years ago, I had hair past my shoulders and chopped it into a pixie cut. It was wonderful to have short hair. I know it’s scary to chop off hair because what if it looks bad (we have all had those regrettable haircuts) but it is hair and will grow back. That’s my two cents! Go for a big cut!!

  • Every winter break I like to chop my hair off up to my shoulders, and then I let it grow out for a year and a half or two 🙂 I love the change! Last winter breaks I got bangs, but I wish I didn’t, because I’m a very practical person and my bangs kept getting in my face. And also there’s that awkward time when your bangs aren’t long enough or short enough to do anything with 😛