Kinfolk is making clothes…A look at Ouur.

The people who rallied urban hipsters and shoved them into the national spotlight are making their foray into apparel. Kinfolk saw overnight success in 2011 by creating a polarizing narrative around what it means to come together around a table, and they’re applying that same focused lens to basic apparel.

“Ouur’s range of apparel is made using textiles such as linen, cotton and wool. Created with a sharp attention to detail, classic silhouettes and a neutral color palette, each item has been made with an emphasis on comfort and utility. The pieces in the collection will be interchangeable, functional and wearable in all seasons.”

Love them or hate them, you cannot ignore the fact that Kinfolk knows how to make beautiful things.

The Ouur collection is currently available in Japan, and will be released later this year in the US. to stay updated follow Ouur on Instagram and Facebook.

Photographs by Tec Petaja, styling by Julie Pointer





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