Life Under Linen and Cotton

Today is one of those days in Minneapolis where there’s absolutely nothing to complain about. It’s 70 degrees and sunny, with little to no humidity. We’re moving into an extra long weekend after a very successful week, and will return to work with many fun projects on the horizon.  And then there are images like these from the Australian brand Shelter 7, that make me feel inclined to spend the entire weekend under linen and cotton throws. I think we’ll make time to enjoy a little bit of the latter. I hope you find yourself enjoying the start of a lovely summer!



Shelter 7 ( WEB )-21


Shelter 7 ( WEB )-16 (1)

Shelter 7 ( WEB )-32

Shelter 7 ( WEB )-9

Shelter 7 ( WEB )-31

Shelter 7 ( WEB )-16

Via The Design Chaser

Imagery courtesy of Shelter 7  / Styled by Stephanie Somebody  / Photographed by Tara Pearce