My high school principal wore socks with his sandals every.single.day for four years, and it definitely wasn’t considered cool back then. To my surprise, I’m now rethinking this whole concept. My love for socks doesn’t stop short when paired with sandals, heels and boots are invited to join this “party” as well. To be fair, if I’m ever given the opportunity to live in my comfy socks all day long I totally will, because is there really anything else more comfortable (unless we are talking about the snuggie of course)?

I totally understand that the very mention of socks with shoes makes some people want to run in the opposite direction. However, you can’t deny these pictures show it can actually be, dare I say stylish, when you pair the right sock with the right shoe. The style trick here is to opt for a thinner weight sock to go with your heels, and then with your boots, loafers, or sandals you can get away with a heavier option.

Thoughts? Yes or no? Would you try it or would you rather your socks stay hidden? –ALECIA

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