All of my dreams are about to come true next week, because I will be heading to Paris and Amsterdam for a few days!!! It has been over ten years since my last trip to Europe, so you can imagine my excitement (prepare for my over usage of the exclamation point in this post)!!!

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When I found out we were also heading to Paris on this European adventure, I immediately started to mentally pack my entire wardrobe and plan every outfit. I can admit that I’m an over thinker thus an over packer. I clearly remember one instance in the airport I had to begrudgingly remove many items from my suitcase because it was way too heavy. When I unzipped my suitcase in front of the long line behind me, my underthings were in clear site (note to self – underwear and other intimate items should be tucked far away in the bottom of your bag) alongside the 3o minutes it took me to decide what to leave behind. I’m aiming to NOT relive that embarrassing moment over again. I was also 14 back then, and hopefully, I’m a little wiser with this packing stuff.



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This time around, I’m trying my best to edit my suitcase from unnecessary things, which will leave me room to bring back a few items. So far, I think I’m off to a good start with rotating outfits that are a mix of casual for travel, and dressier for the nights out.


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And, since this trip was planned last minute with my husband Jon, we really don’t have much of an itinerary in Paris. It’s a little scary, but can also be a recipe for a whole lot of unexpected fun. Even though we will be in Amsterdam to take care of some things, I would still love any and all suggestions if you have been to either place! Fire away! –ALECIA

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