Oh Boy…

bebeFor those who don’t know, I’ve got a bun in the oven. This is our first, we’re having a boy and I’M DUE AUGUST THIRD. This is technically 11 days away but according to the official doctor-type people, I will most likely “go” sooner (gulp).

Since the wallpaper was hung in our nursery a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been having my morning coffee (don’t worry Doc, just one caffeinated bevvie a day) in the rocker while the hubs and pups snooze away in the other room. Here I sit, staring at the empty crib in excitement, wonder and… er … FEAR.

I have never been a “baby person.” I don’t congregate in the herd of giddy gals when a coworker brings in a newborn. I don’t chat up random preggies in the grocery store asking when they’re due (you’d be surprised how often that happens). And when kids other than my niece and nephew are around, I generally turn into a big bowl of awkward.

On the other hand, I’m married to my favorite person in the world and the thought of having a mini-Jack running around who I can dress in chambray overalls and eat mac and cheese with is certainly exciting. And the idea of having a little family unit to love and take care of and lay in a pile with watching The Smurfs (I’ll track down some VHS tapes somehow) sounds sort of wonderful. And if you wanna get really deep, there’s the fact that my own mom is absolute aces and she inspires me to wanna be the same kinda special lady to offspring of my own.

So on that note, I’m trying to focus my energy on being excited vs. being scared shitless. And part of what gets me all sorts of excited is picking out duds and decor for the little guy. Here are some nifty neutrals that would look perfect in our nursery. We’re staying away from the whole themed/coordinating nursery thang and making his room just an extension of the rest of our house (blue, grey, black, white, wood…shock). I’m hoping to share some photos of the space once it’s officially complete, so stay tuned.

I contribute on Wit & Delight every other Wednesday, so the next time you hear from me I’ll be a changed woman. Wish me luck….eek!

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