W&D Style: Double Denim

I’ve been thinking a lot about the way I dress, and how my style has evolved over the years. It’s always a funny and somewhat embarrassing trip down memory lane when someone breaks out the old photo albums and I see what I was wearing 5-10 years ago. Some things haven’t changed (my love for denim), while some things are completely different (thank goodness I no longer think a perm is a good idea).  In my early twenties I was a chameleon and latched onto any “trendy” thing that walked my way. These days, it’s less about trend, and more about the comfort factor. If I’m not comfortable while wearing it, chances are it’s not walking out of the store with me.

Since I’m a creature of habit, I’ve begun to notice what I’m consistently pulling out of my closet to wear, and most days it involves denim on denim. For me the more denim, the better the outfit. And if you were to raid my closet, you might find that I’m hoarding every chambray shirt that ever existed on the planet. That sounds like an exaggeration on my part, but it most likely isn’t. It’s what I’m most comfortable in, and it doesn’t require any brain power to throw this outfit together when I’m in a rush to get out the door.   These ladies sure do know how to do rock this favorite look of mine. And since we are on the topic of head to toe denim, who remembers this legendary look?

What about you, are there certain things you wear over and over? Or do you have a comfortable go-to outfit?

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Contributor Copy-01

  • Ah! Canadian tuxedo! I love denim on denim, I think the key is having a perfect fit and slightly off shades of blue. As for me, my comfortable go-to is a pair of cropped black jeans, my loved Topshop v-neck in grey (the most comfortable shirt on the planet), and converse sneakers. It’s put together but easy to move around in. xx

    The What’s In Between

  • I am totally with you Alecia. I cannot get enough of denim on denim. Especially well worn, ripped denim jeans (no.2) with a loose, comfy chambray top. Love the mix of looks though, may have to move out of my comfort zone and try (no.1). xo.

  • I love denim on denim. You can build so classy and yet so pretty outfits with it. Especially, the second one is my favorite, even we’re almost in 2016. But I think denim should be always a trend.