The Julia Kostreva Giveaway Winners, and a call for Makers Series Submissions

We had so many great entries for the Julia Kostreva giveaway, and our five winners are listed below. We will be following up with emails shortly. Thank you to all who participated! Will you please share photos of your prints in their new home with me? Thanks 🙂

On that note, we are looking to broaden our Makers Series in the coming months. If you know men and women doing note-worthy work, please feel free to comment below or email me at blog(at)  In addition to featuring makers in the design and product development field, we’re looking for people who contribute their time in non-profit and healthcare sectors, music, filmmaking, travel, storytelling, and community building. I’d also like to know if you would be interested in hearing these interviews in the form of a podcast or short videos. Your feedback is so helpful!

Our lucky winners are:

1) Katie – Stay Foolish
“Stay Foolish! What a fun sentiment to remind ourselves that life is as serious as we make it – and only as fun as we allow it to be!”

2) Irene – Night Flowers
“I adore the look of Night Flowers, but I absolutely love inspirational quotes/sayings, so I’d choose Keep Going. I’d love to put it on my wall as a reminder to continue to stay motivated at whatever I do. Love Julia’s work & thank you so much for this giveaway! x”

3) Melissa – Keep Going
“I love the Keep Going print – would be a great reminder for those mornings (that occur way too often) where I just want to stay in bed because the day seems too daunting. P.S. – The change of tone on the blog has been great, you’re a fantastic writer.”

4) Sally – Night Flowers
“I love this story. Reading about young, creative women who are working hard to build independent businesses and chasing success for themselves. As someone who is currently balancing my agency day job with my own passion projects, I feel like I need to plaster Julia’s advice all over my apartment for times when I think “oh, I can write tomorrow.” So high fives, Julia! And thank you Kate for featuring an inspiring go-getter and her beautiful work. I love Julia’s Night Flowers print. There’s something so striking about flowers rendered in B&W.”

5) Kristen- Free Admission
Julia has such gorgeous and understated work. i love “free admission.”