On Mental Health: Thriving When Faced with Adversities

I hope you’re all enjoying the last little bit of this final weekend of the summer. As we prepare for a new week, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a podcast I recently recorded with Jess Lively, of The Lively Show. Jess writes about living a life with valued-based intentions, and helps inspire us to find joy and meaning in our individual lives– a feat much easier said than done.

Needless to say, Jess and I had A LOT to chat about! For those of you who enjoyed my posts re: personal experiences with ADHD and anxiety, the interview gives a little more insight on how to accept and thrive while facing mental health issues. Listen to the interview here, or visit The Lively Show for additional information about our discussion.

Recording this podcast was one of the highlights of my blogging experiences thus far! I hope you enjoy our discussion.

  • Kate,

    I actually listened to this on Friday night, and I have to say it was awesome! I love how open, honest, and genuine you are. You are simply inspiring in every way. Thank you for sharing your journey and allowing readers like me to follow along. /Mailinh

  • Kate,

    I listened to this today first thing when I woke up. You’ve always been an inspiration to me creatively, but that inspiration goes so far beyond that now. Please keep sharing what’s inside that beautiful mind of yours. You’re an inspiration to many.


  • Kate-I just listened to your interview on the Lively Show. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and perspective on mental illness. I’m trained as a mental health therapist and have struggled with anxiety for most of my life. I was also blown away by your definition of authenticity. I’m writing a blog on interior design and it’s so easy to want to copy other bloggers styles. Thank you again!

  • Kate, thanks so much for sharing your experiences on the podcast. There are components of your story that are reflected in my own life, and it is a struggle some days to just be OK with oneself. You’re not alone and your frank discussion was beautiful and raw. Thanks so much.

  • Thank you so, so much for sharing your journey and soul with us on the show.

    Your authenticity definition is still helping me and will continue to for the rest of my life, I have a feeling. : )


  • this was a perfect interview for me to listen to this morning–so incredibly thankful for Jess & you for creating a platform for those of us who share similar struggles & feats. As I’m approaching “30,” I am feeling more & more brave to be authentic & own who I am, & not be sorry for it. I think being of genuine/anxious nature, it can be difficult to stand up for your personality because you’re too focused on not stepping on others toes, or spending way too much time analyzing what others think of you. But as we get older we realize how important it is to take care of ourselves & to exhaust the nonsense–for our sake & others around us–or we will become secretly bitter & resentful to those whom we choose to listen to in regards to who we are as individuals; rather than listen to ourselves (& God, if you choose to). It will forever be a struggle to some degree, but to know there is hope in how you’ve grown to manage your own struggles to a point that you’ve made new & refreshing discoveries about yourself is truly a beautiful thing, & gives us all hope that it doesn’t have to remain this way, & there is hope in embracing it all rather than be ashamed of it! Thank you X a million for providing a stepping stone to so many who needed one!

    • You are speaking my language, Lindsey! There’s so much pressure to maintain “youth”, I think people are afraid to embrace the empowerment that comes from age. It’s so liberating and comforting at the same time! Glad you are finding your way. All the best to you!

  • Hi Kate! Thank you for sharing these lovely words – I’m about to go listen to the podcast know.

    Do you mind telling me what font you used on that graphic you made to go with this post? It’s beautiful!

  • Kate, this was an incredible interview. I’ve really appreciated hearing your voice more (literally and figuratively) as you’ve expanded the focus of your blog. Its incredibly refreshing especially as I’m trying to grow my own business and find my own voice (so much harder than I imagined!). I especially appreciate your vulnerability in sharing your experience with mental health. I’m so glad that topic is finally breaching the surface on social media platforms and that people are less afraid to speak about it. Its incredibly empowering. And your approach to it, that while it has its challenges its also the source of your creativity and ability to do what you do so well, is such a great perspective.

    • Hear, hear! I’m so glad you’re willing to listen and contribute on the subject. It’s a great place to start, and I’m committed to making the topic less taboo so we can focus on taking care of our mental health!

  • I really loved listening to your podcast! I really appreciate your honesty and loved the discussion about perfectionism. It hit a lot of nerves in me (in a good way!). Thank you for what you do and for making such a wonderful space to come back to! xo

  • It was such a great podcast – you and Jess are kindred spirits. I was THRILLED when I heard she was having you on the show. I’m a Minneapolis girl and have been cheering for you and all of your well-deserved goodness. xoxo

  • Hi Kate, I totally agree with you that mental health disorders are not talked about enough. I am struggling with an anxiety disorder myself which I recently discovered, and it has affected me negatively in my self esteem and relationships with people. I don’t know how to talk about it though. I don’t know the “socially acceptable” or unawkward way of bringing it up with people around me… I want people to understand what’s affecting me but I don’t know how to even bring it up…any thoughts?

  • Great interview Kate! I’ve been following your blog for ages, but never posted a comment before (at least I think I haven’t). I really love the new direction you’ve taken it with the more personal posts—it’s really reassuring to hear that with all your success, you’re still a human being like the rest of us. So thank you for keepin’ it real 🙂