W&D For Target DIY: Hanging Air Plant Containers

While on set shooting Wit & Delight for Target, our team spent time brainstorming different ways to use paper products from the line. One of my favorite ideas was to turn our paper bowls into hanging air plant holders in a couple easy steps. It’s a simple to install (because it weighs next to nothing) and adds a unique, fresh look to your space. Make a collection of them to green up a particular area of your home that needs more hanging-out time.

+ Wit & Delight + Target snack bowl
+ Small-hole punch or a pointed-awl tool
+ Leather cord, leather belting lace, suede cord, or any type of thick twine


1. Assemble paper basket according to package instructions.
2. Cut five lengths of your chosen cord to approx 3’-4’.
3. Using a small-hole punch or pointed-awl tool, punch a hole about 1/2” down from the top edge of each pentagon-shaped panel, just large enough to pass the cord through.
4. Thread a length of cord though the hole from the front, and tie a knot (or double knot) as shown on the exterior of the bowl leaving a 2” tail.
5. Repeat step 4 for all 5 holes.
6. Place the bowl on your work surface, and gather all of the cords evenly into your hand, at approx 2’ up from the top edge of the bowl. Be sure to keep each cord taught, while keeping the bowl on the table. This creates a bowl that will hang evenly.
7. Tie the entire group of cords into a knot as shown, and then tie another knot about 5’-10” above the first one for hanging.
8. Adjust each knot tail on the bowl edge if needed to help the basket to hang evenly; trim the knot tails as desired.
9. Choose a variety of air plants for a mix of texture, scale and color and hang as desired.

  • Hello! I was at Target yesterday to get some Oh Joy products and saw your line and my husband and I both fell in love! Every year we hold an annual pumpkinFEST where we have a pumpkin beer taste off including his own homebrew. You can imagine how happy we were to see your beer tasting set and pencils (and I myself am in love with the candles). Plus the gold accents match perfectly with the look I had already started creating and the Oh Joy stuff.
    Just wanted to stop by your blog to let you know how great I find the products. Will you have a holiday line?