W&D Style: Blanket Coats

The last month has been busier than usual because my husband and I are making a BIG move this fall from Chicago to Amsterdam for Jon’s work. I’m excited for this new adventure in Europe, but packing up your entire life is definitely no easy task. I sold all my furniture, I have boxes of clothes I am giving away, and the more things I let go of coincidentally the lighter I feel. I’m thankful to have a chance for a fresh start.

Leaving behind the city I love and have called home for over ten years presents itself with mixed emotions, but I’m making the most out of my last month here in the windy city before embarking on a new journey with my best friend. The leaves are turning bright beautiful colors, there is a crisp chill in the air, and voila my favorite season has returned. I wait all year long for these 2 short months that bring us the most beautiful weather, and since I’m not ready to break out my winter coat, I love the poncho as an alternative option. Basically, it is the socially acceptable version of wearing what feels like a blanket outside, so I’m all for it. It is the perfect in-between a sweater and coat, to wear out for a stroll along the lakefront (which I plan on doing every single day until I move).


With all that said, if there are any of you living in the Netherlands I would love to hear any advice about living life in Amsterdam! Of course I’m excited, but every once and awhile I get nervous butterflies in my stomach because change involves some risk and faith, right?

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  • Hi,
    My name is Jess, I found your blog through my art director, Sarah Tolzmann(note to self). Amsterdam is amazing! I lived there for three months last summer for an internship and I wish I could have stayed longer(visa problems). I’m sure you’ve heard this advice already but you’ll need a bike, don’t get a brand new one because it’s more than likely going to be stolen at some point, so you’ll also want to invest in a big chain lock. I got my bike from the market on Saturday mornings in Waterlooplein. You should also check out Droog and Moooi(The Moooi showroom is on Westerstraat, I worked upstairs!) There’s also a cool art/design related bookstore/publishers behind Museumplein called Taschen-they have these big sales twice a year to get rid of old stock so you can get these big beautiful hardcover design books for huge discounts!

  • No problem! There’s also a bookstore with some great design magazines like Frame, Apartmento, etc called Athaneaum in Spui Square(kind of rhymes with pow)

  • Alecia! congrats on the big move! I love a good blanket and these stylish picks. Cant wait for your new adventure posts 🙂 Cheers!

  • Native dutchie here, but I recently moved to Paris. So I know how you feel. First of all, Amsterdam is probably pretty small compared to most other cities, which I love. It is close to other ‘big’ Dutch cities, like Den Haag, Rotterdam and Utrecht, all of which are from 20-60 minutes away by train. I would recommend you go visit these every once in a while, because as much as Amsterdam is lovely, it is easy to get stuck there and never get out.

    Now most people will tell you the cliched stuff: 9 straatjes, Waterlooplein etc. But if you check out my blog you will see more stuff that is a little tucked away, that requires a little digging or just living in the area.

    If you’re ever in Paris (3hours by train from Amsterdam by the way), I’ll be more than happy to help too! 🙂