Color of the Moment: The Deepest Green

First it was the palest pink, then it was the deepest navy. Right now, I’m playing favorites with deep, dark greens. Maybe this obsession was sparked by our traditional English tudor house (hunter green is the color of our trim and sunroom)– which I hated a first— and now, couldn’t imagine any other way. This color plays front and center in traditional interiors (think old libraries and smoking rooms), adding substance to even the most modern interiors. I like to think of it as a more adventurous alternative to navy. Could it be that color is making a comeback? Looks like Swedish super stylist Lotta Agtaon is having a moment with deep green, too.


Screenshot 2014-11-09 19.28.15


Screenshot 2014-11-09 18.58.42

Screenshot 2014-11-09 18.58.17

PS: I’m 100% into Casey Keasler’s bathroom remodel!

Screenshot 2014-11-09 19.08.41