A Holiday at Home with Munster Rose (Part 1): Five Steps to a Perfect Holiday Garland

Posted 11/28/14 by Kate Arends

It’s official. We can now openly revel in holiday madness. Joe and I secretly welcomed the season 3 weeks ago, and it started with this little collaboration with my friend and floral maven, Jackie Reisenauer. Jackie and I styled our home to celebrate the festive season, but you won’t see much red, green or silver. It’s a less traditional twist on traditional finishes, inspired by our very traditional English Tudor home. I decided to keep the florals and greenery up, which prompted Christmas music, holiday M&Ms and twinkling lights in our windows. Here’s Jackie on how to make your own garland.

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5 Steps to a Perfect Holiday Garland by Munster Rose

The holidays are here! Time to decorate, right? You might have an entire section of your closet dedicated to this very purpose. But rather than drag out your boxes and decorate with all your go-to, why not wrap up the season with something fresh?

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This year, spruce up your holiday décor with a DIY holiday garland—a super high-impact holiday decor element that will instantly usher in that classic, modern holiday mood you’re looking for.

Where to start? Of course, you could special order a pre-made holiday garland from your local florist or even buy a mass-made one at a local retailer. But why not try something a little different?

W&D x Munster Rose Christmas_002

For our garland, we chose to use Silver Dollar Eucalyptus. It smells great, has a more organic look than traditional evergreens, and is perfect for people who want an untraditional take on holiday décor.
Here we go.

1. Start with lots of greens. Lots. You’ll need about 10 bunches (100+ stems) to make a garland the size of the one seen in this post. If you can’t get Silver Dollar Eucalyptus from your florist, try bay leaves or even lemon leaf.

2. Separate your greens into manageable neat piles. The last thing you want to do mid-garland-making is stop to detangle a forest of eucalyptus.

3. Using green paddle wire, start wrapping individual pieces of the eucalyptus together. We prefer to use the green-coated wire because it’s easier to work with and doesn’t leave your hands smelling like metal for days. You can get it at your local craft store.

W&D x Munster Rose Christmas_006

4. Keep wrapping! Try to weave your way in and out of the leaves a bit. Otherwise it will look too tight and smushed.

5. When you get to the end of your greens make sure to tie off the wire so your masterpiece doesn’t unravel.

Don’t get frustrated if it takes a while to find your groove. Making one of these things can be time consuming. Especially if it’s your first attempt. But in the end, it’s sooooo satisfying.

Tip 1: Display your garland in a cool room to prolong its shelf life. This is perfect for a front porch, sunroom, or even hanging outside your back door.

Tip 2: Get Eucalyptus if you can. One of the great things about Eucalyptus is that it dries nicely. Even after it loses some of its initial juiciness, you’ll still be able to appreciate it. Also: Unlike more traditional evergreen garlands, Eucalyptus doesn’t shed. (You’re vacuum will thank you.)

W&D x Munster Rose Christmas_103

W&D x Munster Rose Christmas_108


Sources: Table & Chairs from Ikea, Sofa from West Elm, Pillows from Schoolhouse Electric, Lamp from Schoolhouse Electric, Brass Planters from Schoolhouse Electric, Rug from Someware Goods, Paint Color: Ralph Lauren Paint Darcy Green

Photos by Melissa Oholendt



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  1. This looks all kinds of delightful! I definitely think a eucalyptus garland is in order for my holiday decor!

  2. This is amazing. I’ve been thinking about that staircase ever since you posted it on Instagram! I found this kind of Eucalyptus this week at Trader Joe’s, and it was only about $2 for a hefty bunch. Yay!

    Nov 29 2014 | Laura Irion
  3. That’s awesome, Laura!!

    Nov 29 2014 | Kate
  4. I am dying to try this over our back french doors but can’t figure out how to get from wrapping (the photo of Jackie’s hand wrapping five stems) to the entire garland (the photo of lush greens gushing over the stairs. Is there an intermediate step that could be photographed or explained? Thank you!!

    Nov 29 2014 | Candice
  5. Hi Candice! I’ll get Jackie over here to help you out. Stand by!

    Dec 01 2014 | Kate
  6. So pretty! Thanks for sharing!

    Nov 30 2014 | Karen | Char Co.
  7. Goodness girl this is beeautiful! xo

    Dec 01 2014 | Alecia
  8. Thanks, Kate!!

    Dec 03 2014 | Candice
  9. Hi Candice! I usually start with a handful of greens, and then gradually add the eucalyptus – piece by piece- to the bottom of the “handful”. Does that make sense?

    Dec 03 2014 | Jackie
  10. Hi Kate, do you know what is in the brass planter besides eucalyptus? I love this tabletop arrangement but can’t tell what else is in there. Thanks!

    Dec 03 2014 | Tracy
  11. Hi Tracy-
    I can help with the brass planter arrangement! I used silver dollar eucalyptus, rosemary, and juniper. Then, filled in with white ranunculus blooms (my favorite flower).

    Hope that helps!

    Dec 03 2014 | Jackie
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