Giveaway! Beautiful Quilts By Louise Gray


Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. I spent the entire weekend at home with Joe, with my phone shut off for three whole days, and I now feel like a new person. Woo! We’re kicking off this week with a really special giveaway from Louise Gray. I’ve featured them before, and can’t get enough of their elegant and graphic designs.

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I love that each quilt is so versatile, there are so many different ways to display each graphic pattern. These quilts look at home in a modern space, but can also bring an added crispness to a more traditional room. I think they look best spread out on the bed, or folded over a couch.



To enter to win your very own Louise Gray quilt, visit and pick out your favorite quilt. Comment below with the style and why you want one of your own. One winner will be selected next Tuesday (June 2nd, 2015) at 12pm CST. Entries are limited to US-only.

To shop product, visit: Louise Gray. For more inspiration from the creatives behind Louise Gray, follow them on Instagram.

  • Touch choice! I love no. 2 because of the unexpected colors and modern beautiful to leave folded!

  • I’ve long had Louise Gray’s site bookmarked, saving up for Quilt #5 and hoping I can soon drape it over the rail of my firstborn’s crib (though not when the baby is in there, of course!). Those dreamy, saturated pastels have me cooking up all sorts of decor based around them.

  • #3. We bought a house recently and we’re desperately trying to decorate and fill it up! This would look beautiful in our living room

  • These are so gorgeous! My favorite is No. 4 — I love the icy blue and green and it would be so wonderful in a relaxing bedroom.

  • I’m really loving #6. I love how they have a touch of femininity, but my guy would still be okay with having it around. This would get a place at the end of the bed for chilly nights.

  • Number one has my heart for sure! I’d love to own a Louise Gray, as quilting was a big part of my younger years (both receiving quilts and learning how to make them with my mom), and one of these would be an elegant yet meaningful throwback to my childhood. Thanks for sharing such a cool brand!

  • I’ve been pining after #3 since your post on “A New Take On Grandmother’s Past Time”, going so far as to start thinking about learning to quilt to be able to make my own. I could never match the simple beauty and expert construction of Louise Gray’s and would love to have one of hers in my home.

  • I’ve been looking for a unique quilt to match the decor here in my first home. My favorite is the No. 5 but they really all are so lovely! I can’t wait to see more and more of their work!

  • I would love to have no. 3 in my home! such dreamy creamy colors, and perfect for draping on the couch or a rainy day at home watching Netflix!

  • I love No. 2 because of that beautiful mint color and the solid rectangular pattern. As a creative, I love filling my home with special pieces made by artists. The quilt would look beautiful on my bed with my white sheets and otherwise neutral-colored bedroom decor! This piece would be a timeless addition 🙂 Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • LOVE #5! I’ve been searching for a modern quilt to add to our bed and this one fits the bill perfectly. Our bedroom is all greys, navys, and whites so the blush would brighten it beautifully (me thinks!)

  • No. 6 is beautiful! I can imagine it draping over my couch in my apartment- it would make a great addition to the space!

  • Quilt number 3 is my favorite. I’ve longed to have a quilt for the longest time as they remind me of my Great Aunt who hand makes them, but is across the world from me. I’ve also loved Louise Gray since the beginning as I believe in supporting companies that create and encourage creating within our culture.

  • No 3 is definitely my favorite , the soft colors are so stunning paired with navy. It definitely will pass the husband test in my home! I keep trying to sneak in some pink but I think he will approve of this one!

  • No. 4 is the quilt I would love to have in my new house, in our bedroom. My fiancé and I just bought our forever home! It is twice as large as our previous home and is therefore over half empty – room to grow is great karma! Our house has also been untouched since 1988 so over the coming years and decades, we will make it our own!
    This quilt is exactly our design aesthetic. We are slowly, and with great intention, making this house OUR home by bringing in pieces we love to the core and will live with and love for decades and be able to pass down when we have children.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a beautiful heirloom!

  • My personal favorite is quilt no.4. Such a striking look but simple at the same time. Her choice of colors are amazing and even help to inspire the palette of my paintings! Nothing is better than a handmade item in the home.

  • I’d have to pick No. 5, but they’re all stunning. My husband and I just bought our first home (hooray!), and we are slowly but surely filling it with a collection of beautiful and thoughtful things. This would be the perfect addition!

  • Number 3 – All of these quilts, but especially number 3, evoke relaxation. Who doesn’t want that in their bedroom?

  • I love number 4. I think it would really anchor my guest room and make it a memorable and comfortable place to stay for my friends and family.

  • It’s hard to choose but probably #3! We’re trying to turn our bedroom into a serene sanctuary and this would be the perfect addition!

  • Beautiful quilts, great giveaway! I love the simple, modern feel of quilt number 6. It would make a great addition to my new home.

  • I’ve been dreaming of draping No. 1 over my bed. I love it because it could just as easily be a standout work of art on the wall. That quilt is at the top of my wish list!

  • My husband and I are currently redoing our bedroom, and No.5 would be the perfect finishing touch to our bed. So beautiful!

  • No. 5 is my favorite! It has all my favorite colors and would be a beautiful addition to our new home, which we are still decorating!

  • They are all beautiful, but I’d have to choose No. 5 as my favorite – that blush is too pretty. I ‘m swooning over the mix of traditional materials and processes with a modern aesthetic, and I love that they are handmade by local artisans.

  • no. 2 would make an excellent heirloom for our soon-to-be baby girl, Irene. I can imagine spreading it out on the floor for playtime, or snuggling together for storytime. The proportions and color could grow with a child over time.

  • I’m torn between No. 3 and No. 1. We’re moving to London in a month and not bringing any of our current bedroom with us, so it would be amazing to start fresh with one of these quilts! I would design the entire room around it.

  • No. 1 is amazing. So is No. 4… if I have to choose just one I will stick with No. 1 though! I am a self professed blanket/quilt addict and in the PNW we need as many cozy blankets as we can get for a large portion of the year 🙂

  • They’re all fantastic quilts, but No. 4’s greys and black would be a harmonious design addition to my bright green upholstered bed frame. It would be luscious.

  • Each quilt is beautiful but my favorite is #1. It would look wonderful in my bedroom but in winter it might migrate to my family room. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • It’s so hard to decide, but I think that #2 is my favorite! I love quilts, and the simple colors and design would look wonderful on my couch!

  • No. 2! I just graduated from college with a Graphic Design major. I’m trying to find the most lovely, detailed pieces to take with me when I move to a new city! This modern quilt would look perfect with what I already have!

  • #2 most definitely! I am a graduate architecture student moving out of my parents house soon! I don’t have the financial means to furnish my apartment to my taste yet but this beautiful quilt could help me take my old couch to the next level!

  • They’re all gorgeous but No. 2 is my favorite. Love that is a modern look but has the craftsmanship of an heirloom.

  • Quilt number 5 is my preferred choice because it has very soothing colors. Your duvets are unique with a modern flair, they are pieces of art.

  • Loving No. 1. We are about to sell our first place and we are in the process of staging our guest BR and this would be a perfect complement to the vibe of the rest of our condo and the furniture we already have. Plus – I’d love to keep it for our next house!

  • I’ve just moved back to the U.S. from the tropics of southeast asia, and am already dreading the cold, blustery northeastern winter I’m set to confront in a few months. I have been abroad for 3 winters, so will have to stock up on beautiful quilts to survive the frost! I have my little heart set on #5, which would keep me warm AND look very lovely on my bed. Who knows? Maybe I won’t miss the heat of the tropics that much after all…

  • Difficult Choice! I would choose #6, it is a good mix of warm and cool tones, which will translate well over the years. I am a designer and really value the importance of quality pieces that you can keep around and that just get better with age. We don’t need so many disposable things in our world. This is a lovely example of an heirloom piece. Thanks for the contest!

  • Number 3, is gorgeous. We have a quilt in our house that we use constantly, but it is truly coming apart at the seams. This would be a lovely and modern replacement.

  • I like 2 and my Husband likes 4. We are finishing up new construction which hasn’t gone well. A LG quilt for the new master bedroom would be awesome.

  • No. 2. I love the modern aesthetic + versatile palette, along with the fact that they are American made. I can see this being a favorite heirloom one day.

  • No. 5! I want one because they are absolutely gorgeous and I want my newborn son to grow up with a treasured family heirloom, which this is sure to be.

  • #2 is my favorite. I’ve been slowly redecorating my room and the colors of this quilt would be perfect for the pastel blue scale I’m using to lighten up the room

  • No. 2 is my choice. I love the modern aesthetic + versatile color palette. Why do I want to win one? Female-owned, great backstory about the company, love that it’s American-made + fabulous to behold. I see it as an heirloom in years to come.

  • It’s a hard choice between number three, and number five, but I think I’d go with three. Their designs are so lovely!

  • #3! Who wouldn’t love to curl up under that in bed or on the couch? Love a modern touch on a classic art form. Gorgeous!

  • I love this company! And these quilts are perfect. I would choose No. 2 or 3. I love each one for it’s originality. I’ve never seen these patterns on other blankets and the colors choices are gorgeous.

  • I’ve been following Louise Gray for a bit now, so glad you’ve partnered with them on a giveaway! I’m particularly in fond of No. 3.

  • I’m over the moon for #3. I’m in the process of decorating a new home in NYC and I can absolutely picture this beauty draped over the foot of the bed.

  • I absolutely love No.2! I would love to have a Lousie Gray quilt to adorn my new apartment. As a recent college graduate and new home owner, I want to create a space that encapsulates my personality. The No.2 quilt has a modern yet lively color palette and details that make it truly unique. I would love to offer guests the option to cozy up in such a quilt!

  • I was visiting Minneapolis last weekend and finally got to see one of these beauties in person at Wilson & Willy’s! So, so gorgeous. Crossing my fingers for No. 5!

  • I would love to have the No.4 in my home! My boyfriend and I are in the process of the KonMari method of tidying up; we are getting rid of things that don’t spark joy, and trying to bring in only things that do. This quilt would certainly spark joy in our home!

  • So hard to choose but No.3 really speaks to me. I can’t argue with wanting the quilt for a new nursery (cheating?) but I would love to add this quilt to my bedroom. While the rest of my apartment has found a good balance between color, modernity and comfort, my bedroom has become the bane of my existence. I keep the door closed when people come over to ensure that they will think I have it all together. The apartment was built in 1912 and has some amazing character but it’s a rental and covered in white plaster walls. I have yet to find a way to bring my small budget, small room to life in a way where the minimalism is working for me (I love color). This beast of beauty would do just that. Thank you for the introduction to Louise, her stuff is stunning.

  • no. 3, I’m graduating college in a year and am already obsessively planning how to decorate my house and these would be so beautiful draped over a navy or white couch with some pom pom pillows!

  • I admire and am amazed by people who have the talent to design and create items like these. I love the modern + contemporary look of every detail! It’s difficult to pick a favorite, but No. 6 is mine.

  • I was immediately drawn to No. 5—I love the geo lines and color combo. I really appreciate modern quilts, and though I have been wanting to try my hand at quilting (I am a sewer and knitter) I just don’t have time for another hobby right now, so I would love to receive one of these. Knowing the time and skill that goes into quilting, these are well worth the price!

  • No.3. I’m moving from the Midwest to the East Coast in the fall and it would be the perfect addition to my new home. Especially on the nights when I’m feeling a bit homesick!

  • I love them all, number 3 is especially beautiful. I would use it to cuddle on the couch with my boyfriend- even in the summer you need a cozy way to cuddle!

  • #2! I have moved into my fiance’s house and am currently trying to nest on a budget! He had the ultimate neglected bachelor pad and now I am trying to make this house our home swiftly and thoughtfully.

  • ohhhie #1 is so chic! it would look so lovely on my first real-life, grown-up, totally-not-a-futon couch!

  • #4 because it’s the perfect marriage of modern and graphic with the timeless craft of quilting. Just lovely.

  • no.2 is beautiful. i’m living in the dc for the summer in a boring university provided apartment and would love to have the beautiful quilt to make the place feel more like home. thanks for hosting the giveaway

  • No. 3! I love the graphic and geometric quality of all these quilts. They remind me of the quilts women in my family have made, but with a more modern aesthetic and point of view. I think I’d cherish this quilt for that feature, but also, it would be one of the featured items in my first studio apartment I’m moving into soon. The peach and blue would set a vibrant tone for my other furniture pieces and textiles.

  • I love No. 3! I am re-decorating my bedroom to most all-white decor (so bright & inspiring to wake up to!) and this would be the perfect pop of color in the new space, without weighing it down.

  • No. 2 is my absolute favorite. Love the crisp, clean colors as well as the modern design. I confess that I’d love to use it in my bedroom.

  • No. 5 is beautiful! My bedroom is a bit barren but minimal. If I had this quilt, it would definitely be the standout piece!

  • No.3 is the one for me. and i just found out my bestie loves it the most too (well, tied with no.1;). i would so love to give this to her. she has been an incredibly generous and gracious force in my life, and i know she would just squeal with delight if i were to present her with this work of art. AND i might just get to hear her laugh too. trust me, its the best feeling on the planet to make this girl giggle.

  • I’m getting married in August and would be so excited to start off decorating our first home together with such an incredible piece! No. 1 is my favorite!

  • I love #5! My current couch blanket looks like something out of Guy Fierri’s house AND it’s covered in cat hair.

  • I would love #4! Just moved into a light, white, bright apartment and this little guy would be right at home on my bed!

  • This is the best giveaway!!

    I have been obsessed with Louise Gray since they launched! I love all of them, but if I had to choose it would have to be #5

  • I showed these to my grandmother last week! They are reason enough for her to give me lessons!

    Number 3 is my favorite!

  • #3 for sure. The pink in the quilt is in the same color family as our TV room walls and would be perfect for snuggling up in for some Netflix-binging.

  • I really love the No.6. I would like to have my own quilt because I’ve never had a quilt before. I always look at the many that I like but being a college student I can never afford one. I pay my way theough school by being a nanny and I would really love having this quilt to take on picnics or to the beach with the infant that I nanny for and at the end of the day snuggle with it on the couch or bed. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the chance to enter in this giveaway. Hopefully one day I can afford to buy one myself.

  • I love quilt number 5… I know with it slung over my boyfriend’s couch, it would make me love the couch (which I don’t like all that much:).

  • #6 – timeless, classic. It is beyond time for a new quilt for our bedroom. The current one survived the aftermath of my husband’s bachelor party several years ago, a few puppy accidents, and color fading from numerous washes.

  • I love No. 3! I love it because you can use it as décor or a warm blanket and I love the combination of contemporary and cozy.

  • I am in love with all of them but would have to pick No. 1 with how simple yet bold it is. This would be the most amazing wedding gift to register for.

  • Wow, what gorgeous quilts! No. 1 is my favorite because of its bold design; to me it evokes the work of Kazimir Malevich, but with subtle, gentle colors. An astounding example of how Laura’s designs reinvigorate traditional quilt-making patterns with a fresh minimalism and clean lines. I would be thrilled and honored to bring this beautiful, hand-crafted piece into my home. I deeply value that it is 100% cotton, and made in the USA, too!

  • I’d love to have #4. My grandmother used to make quilts, but sadly all of hers had already been given away or claimed by the time she passed. It’s so easy to think of so many of the things my grandparents did as lost skills (quilting, clockmaking, canning their own food) so I appreciate people like Louise Gray who are working to promote these skills in our modern world. I’d love to have a beautiful quilt for our bed, to remind me of my grandparents and to remind me to support good craftsmanship in my own life.

  • Aaahh! #6 is perfect. This quilt has the crisp, modern aesthetic I’ve been incorporating throughout our house and I love the subtle pops of color!

  • I love No. 3, though they’re all such personable quilts. I love the colors she chooses – we’re in need of a new lighter weight quilt, as our hand-me-down is getting a little worn. We have a beautiful one that our friend made us as a gift, filled with wool, which makes a great winter quilt but is much too warm for the summer! I love seeing the different ways quilting has been adapted and modernized, these are great geometric patterns.

  • They are all so special, but I would have to go with No. 3. The beauty is in the simplicity and it’s such a great life reminder. Plus, support local – MPLS!

  • Love them all! No. 1 is my fav. I’m a neutrals gal, and it’s getting too warm with my down comforter here in Hotlanta. This quilt would be a great seasonal switch-er-roo!

  • QUILT #5 is my favorite! What I love about it is that the blush color was added in with the basic colors. I think that that adds a bit a chic to the already edgy + bold pattern. It would look great folded over my new couch in my new apartment!

  • I could definitely use one of her beautiful quilts here down under now! Too bad it’s only for US citizens 🙁

    Absolutely gorgeous gorgeous works! xx

  • No. 5! The Louise Gray ladies are as talented as can be (and my bedroom in my new apartment could use a little TLC)!

  • No. 2 is so gorgeous – I’m in love with those colors! I’d love to curl up with this beauty + a good book on a summer evening.

  • I’ve been in the market for a new quilt for the last few months and am so, so pleased to discover Louise Gray. The clean lines and fresh color combinations are so on point. These quilts are S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G. And I’m a sucker for No.3. Fingers crossed! Cheers!

  • I’ve been in the market for a new quilt for the last few months and am so, so pleased to discover Louise Gray. The clean lines and fresh color combinations are so on point. These quilts are S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G. I’m a sucker for No.3 and would love to finally switch out my down comforter for this lighter weight and visually interesting quilt. Fingers crossed! Cheers!

  • No. 4 would be perfect for my bedroom! And just in time for warmer weather… get the duvets out of here! Beautiful!

  • TOUGH CHOICES! I’m going to say #1 or #5…and if I absolutely have to choose, then #5 it is. I have a ( very ) small studio apartment, so I try to be very choosy about what comes into my space—this quilt will be the perfect topping to my otherwise very neutral, unadorned bed.

  • Number six is my favorite! I would love to put one on my bed or couch. It would lend immediate sophistication.

  • #3! I’m in love. Such a beautiful quilt, I really love the colors and design – masterful! If I could, I’d have a quilt in every room to cozy up with!

  • #3, please! I’m in love. This is such a beautiful piece – I love the color and design, it’s masterful! If I could, I’d have a quilt in every room to cozy up with! (Preferably with my family on a rainy, stormy day!)

  • I adore No. 2 — the design is sleek and elegant and the color palette reminds me of something welcoming and simple. I would love any of these beautiful quilts. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • I lOVE No.1 so much! I have been looking for the perfect bedding to update and enhance our master and just found it!!

  • Number 5 is beautiful! Reminds me of ice cream. 🙂 I would love to win it to have something cozy and cute in my new dorm for college and it’s my birthday on May 31st!

  • Love No.3. I think these quilts give modern/ minimalistic vibes and I’m trying to translate that feel into my home! These are super rad.

  • No. 3! No. 3! I am trying to impress a girl and she is in love with these quilts. When we move in together, this one would be my favorite too. Do you think you can help me out?

  • I absolutely love #2 with the seafoam because it my favorite color and the color-blocking design would tie together different pieces of furniture, textiles, and art in my living room. I would love to win this because my husband, baby, and I just moved into our first house and we could really use that statement centerpiece that brings all our handmedown and vintage pieces together. Thanks!

  • they are all pretty great. no. 5. i love the color. i love that young people can make a living selling quilts 🙂

  • !! I’ve been following Louise Gray from the beginning–so long that I have since moved from Minneapolis. I would love to bring a little Louise, MPLS, northernness into my New York apartment. Her designs make me think of Lynlake in the springtime.

    #3 please!!

  • #3 is divine! I would love to have this in my home because while the colors are muted, the bold and graphic pattern would add a punch to any room! Plus, it’s (still) awfully chilly in MN.

  • No. 1 would be a very welcome addition to my new abode (back on my own after five years co-habitating). My grandmother and mother are wonderful quilters and I really respect and adore such usable heirlooms.

  • gorgeous! i love the #1, perfect to snuggle under now that we’ve finally taken the down comforter off of our bed… good thing it was 50 degrees today in Minneapolis.

  • I love number 5! These quilts are such a modern and chic take on the traditional quilt! As a college student I am always looking for ways to make my living space feel more grown up and like home. I love the idea of having the quilt as a focal point in my room! I would be proud to own one of these handcrafted, socially conscious pieces as an alternative to all the mass produced and poor quality home goods that are marketed to young consumers like myself.

  • These are gorgeous pieces of art! I love #6, as I think it is a wonderful combination of neutral and color! I could see it working with so many different rooms either on the couch hanging or in one of our brighter bedrooms!

  • Amazing pieces. Number 3 is my favorite even though I’m usually such a black/white/grey person.

  • #2! It just so happens my favorite number is paired with the seafoam green color I adore. I admire the tradition and art behind a handcrafted quilt and am inspired by the versatility that could be created when folding these Louise Gray quilts. Would just love to wrap my legs in one of these while reading a good book. x

  • Thanks for the generous giveaway! No. 1 or No. 5 would be the perfect addition to our bedroom. We share the bed with 2 cats and a dog, so an extra quilt to pad the cuddles would be appreciated by all!

  • I LOVE number 4. The Light grey & charcoal & black fabric would go perfect with my new industrial remodel of my house. I’m a quilter and enjoying fine products. The craftsmanship looks amazing and detailed. Oh and the quilt looks so comfy too!

  • These handmade quilts are beautiful! I think #1 and #3 are my favorites. Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway – you always promote such wonderful artistry!

  • #2 is like the edge of a Hopper painting, all cool tones and warm memories. I would drape it on the end of my bed to remind me to make art my way–unexpectedly and well, every day.

  • Would love to have #5 draped over our mid century modern sofa my husband and I just got as a wedding present. I would love to start my journey into home decorating with this quilt.

  • Gorgeous quilts. I’m moving in to a new home and looking to make my bedroom more of a sanctuary (and less of a catchall). While I would normally choose a bolder option, I think No. 2 would be the cherry on my calming decor.

  • I love #1! I am decorating our guest bedroom and this would be a perfect addition! I would use this quilt as inspiration for the entire room. Beautiful!

  • omg, i was saving for one of these magnificent quilts, either #3 or #6. as a minimalist, they fit perfectly in my bedroom. thanks so much for this amazing opportunity.

  • #6 is my favorite. I love the small, tighter knit squares, the complimentary color patterns, and the bold design. They are all very beautiful and look incredibly cozy. I would love to win this!

  • Gorgeous. Love No. 2 — would fit right in to my house (and I might have to hang it on the wall, truthfully).

  • Even though they are all amazing, my favorite is #5. I love the balance of colors and shapes… It would look great in my Scandinavian style 4 season porch I am planning…

  • These quilts are beautiful. I am completely torn between 2 and 4. Either one would be lovely to snuggle under while watching a movie!

  • No. 2, Quilts bring happiness, warmth, and history into the home. They are passed down and cherished by every generation. Patched as they wear and tear. Softened through each use. I love them because when I am wrapped up in one I can’t help but think about their ancestors and mine which makes me feel loved.

  • I love number 3. The colors are beautiful and it looks so comfy and cozy. Quilts are one of those things that makes a house a home, don’t you think? Fingers crossed!

  • I especially love No. 3 — it would look perfect in our bedroom and would make a great addition to our home!

  • A Louise Gray quilt would be woven into the fabric of our lives.

    Wrapped around my husband on damp San Francisco evenings, surrounded by mismatched mugs of spiked cider and Tuesday night burgers.

    Draped over my grandpa’s creaky mango wood chair, well-loved in places and pristine in others, where I now steal moments each morning to write.

    Spilled over a broomstick as a makeshift tent for the new addition to our family, a handsome totem of adventure and comfort.

    A caveat: our No. 3 LG quilt would be treasured…but it won’t sit on the shelf. It’ll sustain a few scuffs and stains over the years, as we all do. Ultimately, it will stitch together our memories with the common thread of a loving family and thoughtful design.

    We would welcome a Louise Gray creation into our home. Thanks.

  • I met her at the Hennepin Made event and LOVED what she was doing. Would like to get my hands on No. 3!

  • Thank you for such a fun giveaway! I would love to give one of these quilts to my mother. She makes quilts as a hobby that are very traditional in appearance and I think she would really like the modern look of these quilts. Quilt No. 2 would be lovely in her home. Thank you for such a sweet giveaway. 🙂

  • I love them all, but I think my favorite is Number 3. I love how graphic and modern they are and the color palette she uses. I’ve just recently gotten into layering with quilts as opposed to using one giant duvet.

  • My fave is No. 2! The color palette is serene and welcoming and would be a great pop of color for my bedroom. I’ve always wanted a quality quilt of my own!

  • No.1.

    An entirely justified giveaway, as I’ll be starting my Masters in Architecture this fall and will cherish every ounce of sleep I can get under this quilt.

    Thanks Kate!

  • I would love love Love quilt #5. I have just started quilting myself and would love to have something so lovely and well-made to inspire me.

  • No. 1. Simple, elegant and beautiful. My house is modern eclectic with a black, white, and cream color scheme. I’m obsessed with beautiful quilts, not only because they’re functional, but deeply personal as well. Being handmade, when you wrap up in one it’s like you’re getting a hug from its maker, and connecting spiritually with decades of quilt-makers before. It’s an American tradition, and I’d so look forward to displaying and using this!!!

  • No 1!!! I have been thinking about these quilts ever since your first post about them, love them so so much. I’ve been looking for something similar to act as a headboard above my bed in my studio apt but haven’t had any luck. Would be so thankful for this beautiful quilt.

  • I love No. 3. I still have a quilt made by my great-grandmother at the foot of my bed. I love how Louise Gray is taking the traditions of quilting and modernizing it with their beautiful colors and design.

  • My favorite is No. 5. I would put this is in my new baby’s room, on the daybed so that i can cuddle with it every time i find myself sleeping in the baby’s room.

  • I love #3 quilt. It’s beautiful. I think it would be a great addition to the first home that my husband and I are purchasing. It will be a modern addition to our 100 year to be farm old home.

  • #2 – is a refreshing update on the quilt! I love the line composition from the stitching to the actual layout of the colored fabric. The color mix is unexpected and yet I’d use these colors together.

    I’ve been hunting around for nearly 4 years hunting for the perfect quilt. I’ve been everywhere from random roadside flea markets, some of the best European markets to up scale shops. What makes me even happier is that is handmade and made in the USA.

    Thanks for introducing this great company! 😀

  • I’ve had my eye on these quilts for awhile now, they’re so clean lined and more simple than most quilts out there. I’ve been eyeing quilt no. 2 because about 10 years ago I got a quilt from my grandmother for Christmas, it’s been the only thing I can sleep with at night because quilts are so good at maintaining the perfect temperature! Unfortunately in its age the quilt is slowly disintegrating! There’s no other word for it. The more I patch it the more shreds of fabric seem to fall off. I’ll always keep this quilt but I think it’s time to retire it to a more leisurely position like hanging over a chair… Or locked in a glass box to preserve it ;)!

  • Love love LOVE Number 3! I need, not just want, one of these because we just got back from traveling through Mexico and Central America for a year and half and have just moved into an apartment where the only piece of furniture we have is our bed! This would be an a piece of art we could actually use!

  • No.3 is my favorite – something about that seafoam color that evokes all the senses! I have been learning to quilt from my mother, who learned from her grandmother. In Louise Gray quilts, I find inspiration to create new while honoring their legacy.

  • Correction to the above – No.2 has the seafoam, although they are all exquisite and choosing a favorite is tough.

  • No. 4 is superb with the classic feel while being so blatantly modern at the same time. The Scandinavian pattern has me in love.

  • I am a PhD student (in Art Education) with limited funds, but love to do what I can to make my home space comfortable, stylish, and inviting! I would love coming home to crawl into bed and underneath a beautiful Louise Gray quilt!!!!! I am absolutely head over heels for No. 5! Such a beautiful and sophisticated color combination!

  • No. 3. I am slowly attempting to transition my apartment’s look from student to adult. This would be a perfect addition to my bed. I adore the peach and navy combination.

  • No. 2 would be a lovely modern complement to the original wood molding in the bedroom of my nearly 100 year-old space. The muted palette would work so well with my light grey walls, too!

  • Swoon! No.3 is just gorgeous. I am a recent college graduate and accepted my first job in Denver, CO. Coming from the Midwest this has been a huge step for me. Having this beautiful quilt to cuddle up in after a long week at work would help to make this place feel a little bit more like home.

  • No. 2 would be a great start on bedroom decor for my upcoming move! The colors are so peaceful– picture perfect.

  • I love No. 3! Such elegant designs – the perfect statement piece for a bedroom or sitting room! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  • Oh wow! These quilts are stunning! I’m in love with the no.6 quilt! We are having a baby in August, and I’d love so much to have it for the little one’s room–what a beautiful treasure that would be!

  • I love #2! The touch of black is just enough to coordinate with my black bedroom furniture, but the colors will keep the feeling of it light.

  • #3 – love the color scheme! I’d also say I’m pretty much in love with the sleek aesthetics of the whole collection; a quilt like this would be a great way to amp up my room at college and help it feel more homey.

  • I love No. 5. I love how this brand has taken a classic piece and put a modern spin on it. The neutral tones and geometric shapes are absolutely stunning.

  • The dark colors of No. 6 are begging to keep me warm camping in the mountains of Colorado. Camping does NOT equal frumpy.

    July 4th in Salida is right around the corner…

  • No. 1 is my favorite and would go best with my decor, but they are all gorgeous. Minimal works of art! On my wishlist since you posted your guest room a few days back.

  • No. 5 is my absolute favorite. I love the blush color paired with the black and yellow! This quilt would look beautiful in my apartment as my apartment could use updating now that I’m a few years out of college!

  • I would love #5. I am a recent college grad on a budget, but still appreciate great style! These are so beautiful.

  • These blankets have the strength and warmth that I hope to have some day. They really are incredible; I would feel overjoyed to have one in my home.#1 would be my first choice.

  • Mmm, love these quilts. I’d be overjoyed to have No. 3 in my home – I can’t resist a good navy/peach combo. Guess that’s why I used those colors for my wedding. 🙂

  • I would definitely choose number 2 – a beautiful gift for my dear aunt to keep at her beach house where i have spent much time! Thank you!

  • What a great giveaway! Love your website! My favorite is no. 5, my boyfriend and I are moving into our dream apartment in July and are trying to fill it with only the most amazing and beautiful things, which means we have practically nothing right now 🙂 hope we win!

  • I love #1. Your aesthetic and taste is so inspiring. It’s really helped me be more conscious of what I choose to buy and surround myself with. The Louise Gray quilt is so beautiful and timeless, it’s something that I could see myself passing on to my kids one day.

  • No. 3
    I would LOVE to have my very own Louise Gray quilt! Their quilts are impeccably crafted, made in the USA, and are made by individuals who are socially conscious!

    I have been fortunate enough to have collected a couple of quilts made by my Great Grandma Zulla, who was the seamstress for Mary Martin (who played Peter Pan in the 1960’s) and other celebrities. I would love to have a Louise Gray quilt so that I can have it in my family for generations to come, just as I have had my Great Grandmother’s! My Great Grandma Zulla’s quilts hold so many memories, and I look forward to the day where I will pass down my very own Louise Gray quilt, and all of the memories it will hold!

  • No 5 is stunning. It would bring new life into our new “fixer upper” home… The clean lines are really comforting and simplistic at the same time. Beautiful!

  • As a super sick 6mos pregnant mom-to-be, I think number 5 will help boost my spirits (and self image) as I lounge around this summer wrapped in the bright yet soothing quilt with my french bulldog Monte. Thanks for introducing my to such a beautiful product.

  • I love all of these quilts! My favorite would have to be number one. It would look great in our family room or in our bedroom.i’ve been looking for a quote for quite some time now.

  • My husband and I both love No. 3. I have been visiting this website for a while, eyeing the quilts and thinking that I should learn to make them. Winning the quilt would be easier.

  • It’s an incredibly tough choice as they are all wonderful, but I would have to say that number 2 would be my pick! It would be a fantastic addition to our home.

  • No. 1 has been on my wishlist for awhile! Please please please draw my name! Love everything about louise’s quilts.

  • I love No. 5! I just moved into a new place and have started a new project– instead of just trying to fill my new place with lots of stuff, I would love to take the time and care to find beautiful things that I’ll keep forever. These quilts feel like just that!

  • My lonely bare sofa is begging for a friend in No 5! Love the gorgeous pastel color way….spot on with my living room look.

  • #2 because though a couch needs something beautiful my 8 month old needs something beautiful to play on, cozy up with, and have for years to come.

  • No. 5 is gorgeous. I love the quality and the craftsmanship of each piece, it’s so important to value the work of local artisans!

  • I love No 5!!! I would love a quilt for my bed, I just moved and could use something to give my room some flavor!

  • I just got married and now we are working on building a house together. We would love the No 1 for a guest room or to throw over our couch!

  • How lovely! These are the perfect intersection of handmade and modern. I love that they are made of cotton, and in the USA. Somehow this would add depth to a room, while also maintaining a modern simplicity, clean lines, and all the other things that make me do popping heart eyes, emoji style. We lost our home to a fire last fall, and are slowly rebuilding an apartment as we wait for it to be rebuilt, sold, and land in a new space of our own. This would be a clean but cozy addition. Thanks for sharing–adding to my list.

  • no. 5 is my favourite! i’m moving in a few months and would love to have this beautiful blanket in my new place.

  • How lovely! These are the perfect intersection of handmade and modern. I love that they are made of cotton, and in the USA. Somehow this would add depth to a room, while also maintaining a modern simplicity, clean lines, and all the other things that make me do popping heart eyes, emoji style. We lost our home to a fire last fall, and are slowly rebuilding an apartment as we wait for it to be rebuilt, sold, and land in a new space of our own. This would be a clean but cozy addition. Thanks for sharing–adding #3 to my list. I live for that peachy color, but haven’t often put it next to navy. So good.

  • It was hard to choose one but my pick is No. 2. I love the simplicity and color combination, especially the light bluish highlight.

  • #5. There is nothing better then a quality hand-crafted piece of work. As an art student I think it’s very important to fill your space with other influential artists who uphold a level of quality, and to support those artists to keep a strong community of craftsman. My boyfriend and I discovered these quilts a few months ago and have been lusting ever since, the level of design here is absolutely stunning!

  • Hi! My boys and I would love to win No. 1 (Aka the ROAD). They’re are 2 and 4 and obsessed with driving their match box cars on our bed. The X pattern would be 2 perfect roads and I would adore the black (a stylish yet safe bet against “snack fingers.”) Thank you!

  • No. 1! We close on our new house tomorrow (June 2!) and this would be perfect for just about any room. Gorgeous work.

  • No. 3! For the perfect color scheme, on point composition and the sheer love of being cozy while still stylish! Beyond gorgeous

  • #5 because it says, “snuggle me but really don’t snuggle me because I’m so beautiful.” It’s a blanket but it’s art too. And I’d love it as both.

  • I’d love to own one of these beautiful quilts, as I am making a big cross country move this summer. #3 would be a gorgeous addition to a newly-single girl’s one bedroom apartment. A cozy conversation piece. Perfection!

  • #6 Because it reminds me of a Barnett Newman painting with his token “zip” line (the band of yellow and salmon). They were definitely channeling some artists from the abstract expressionism period in this piece! I gotta have it!!

  • Number 1 for me, no doubt. These quilts are all crafted so simply, so beautifully. The triangular/X-crossing pattern of No. 1 is both and strong, yet delicately proportioned and thoughtfully softened by the slight color change. This is the compilation of a style I think is so gorgeous; a quilt for any one.

  • I like no. 5! As a college student, graduating soon, I am just now beginning to collect items for my home (which will change locations many times more) that I will keep forever. Because I have never had my own home or been proud of where I have lived, it is especially important to me to collect items that are well-made and well designed. My financial situation as a self-sufficient student makes the search more difficult, but also more rewarding and unique. Thank you for the chance to add one of these beautiful quilts to my collection!

  • Hard to choose a favorite, but I think #1 is it!
    I love the minimalism of the quilts and will be saving up for one to go on our couch.

  • no. 5 is amazing! i love that it adds a femme quality with the blush while still being bold and gender neutral. i’d love it for our tiny living room, to add a bit of polish. 🙂

  • #1. They’re all beautifully designed, great workmanship and quality. Definitely prefer the colors in number one. Good luck to all!

  • Number 3! I would absolutely love to be able to incorporate a modern quilt into our Brooklyn apartment. It also is amazing that this is made in the USA. This would definitely be a piece that would be cherished and handed down through generations in my household.

  • Living in Aspen, CO is truly an amazing experience. However the weather is so diverse that it’s hard to find something that suits every time of the year. However, No.1 would be a perfect addition! To be quite honest it would be such an absolute pleasure to put it in my home. I feel like everyone would ask, “where did you get something so beautiful? !” I could respond with great happiness and say “Louise Gray.”

  • I love No. 1- super graphic, bold, and cuddly. We just saved for a black couch and this would match it perfectly! These are gorgeous and would be an awesome graduation present for my husband who just finished his graphic design degree. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • As difficult as it is to choose, I’d love to win No. 2 or No. 5! What a gorgeous studio. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway.

  • The simplicity of the lines and the beauty of the colors… Number 5 is a work of art. I will hang it on the wall in my small Savannah carriage house.

  • These are so beautiful! The No. 5 ties in all the colors of our main living room and would be great over an accent chair that has light wood trim and white upholstery.

  • I would love #2 in my home. Quilts remind me of the safety of my childhood home. I love the weight and feel of them. They’re perfect for movie nights, sick days, and snuggled up talks with your best friend. Pick me!

  • Would love to have No. 2. — Quilts are the perfect blanket for all seasons, especially this chilly spring weekend in Minneapolis. Our interior design palette is mainly blues and greens, and this quilt would fit perfectly with our midcentury furniture. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  • I love No. 1!
    I am a rising senior at college, and beginning the daunting task of decorating my first apartment. This beautiful, modern, and socially conscious piece would be an incredible contribution to my apartment (and make my first apartment decorating stint very special)! However, I know that this quilt will be a valuable and timeless addition to my household for decades to come. Thank you so much for this give-away opportunity!

  • No. 1. I love the simple and beautiful design! I just moved to my first apartment alone (without roommates / boyfriend, etc.), and I would love to add this beautiful piece!

  • I’m torn between No.3 and No.5…I love them both for their angles, and I want one because I know my husband could get on board –– they’re such a nice balance of masculine and feminine!

  • #5 is so gorgeous! I love that Louise Gray is a local Minneapolis based company and that their quilts are manufactured in the USA. It’s so important to support our local and stateside community. The design and colors of #5 are a perfect feminine/masculine combo that appeals to me and my husband and will be a great addition to our bed and bedroom! No more fighting over goods that have a hard lean towards male/female 🙂

  • I’m in love with No. 3! I would really love one of these beautiful quilts by Louise to take the place of my cheap, scratchy IKEA throw on my bed. I’m making a move toward more simple styling in my home decor, and this would be perfect.

  • Where have these been all my life?! I need one of each! If I had to choose only one, I’d go for No. 1. I’m a sucker for monotone accessories.. And seriously, their instagram feed is absolutely breathtaking.

  • Hard to decide, but I like No. 5 the best! I’m slowly, but surely, dressing up the guest bedroom and have been waiting for the right quilt to come along. This would be fantastic!

  • Thanks for sharing these beautiful designs!
    I’d have to say No. 3 is my favorite but they’re all gorgeous. I’ve always admired people who can reinvent traditional aesthetics and my grandmother used to do brilliant things on a sewing machine. I’ve recently inhereted one myself and I hope to make her proud by learning to reinvent and repurpose the way she did – First I need to practice though!

  • I love No. 3 because of it’s modern mix of masculine lines with the feminine, blush color. I’d love to own one because it’s well-made, artisan pieces that make a house a home!

  • #1 – because it is perfect for the bedroom redo I am in the middle of. Until just now, I had not found the bed cover of my dreams…now I have!

  • No. 3, if I had to do the impossible task of choosing one. Been in search of the perfect quilt to add to the bedroom since my bedmates are a couple of blankie hogs! My boyfriend, pooch, and I would love this to keep us all cozy in the unforgiving Minnesota climate!

  • No. 2. I would love one for my daughters room. I love kiddy rooms with a modern design and she loves anything blue and this touch of blue would be perfect.

  • All of those quilts are beautiful, but #3 is my favorite. I would love to have one of my own to update the white quilt that I’ve had on my bed for the last couple of years!

  • This was a hard decision…but #5 is my favorite. My mom filled our house with beautiful quilts growing up and I can’t wait to continue the tradition!

  • Obsessed! My boyfriend and I live in a tiny <300 sq ft studio in NYC. We make sure all items in the apartment are picked with intention because it's so small. Lately I've been trying to add a bit of color to the place (I gravitate toward black, white and gray), so the No. 3 would be a lovely addition — I love that pale pink!

  • No.3 is beautiful. The colors are amazing together. It would be so nice to add something bright to my bedroom.

  • No. 6 is my favorite. Subtle lines and the color combo is perfection. Reminds me in a small way of some rugs Eileen Gray designed in the 1920’s. Just simply beautiful.

  • I’m moving in a few months and am looking to find beautiful pieces to inspire the decor of the new space. As a grey enthusiast, I love No.4. That light grey & charcoal & black fabric, cream stitching, light grey embroidered logo… so dreamy!

  • # 3 is my favorite. It’s the same colors that were in my wedding! I love the beauty and craftsmanship of quilts and am always on the lookout for one that is in colors and a pattern that I love and find beautiful. All these quilts are gorgeous!

  • Number 1. The simplicity of the lines and colors make it look like a modern piece of art. I want to hang it in the wall in my carriage house in Savannah

  • This is such a generous giveaway. I really love both #1 and #3 – I think #1 would look stunning on a bed, but I love the colors of #3. If pressed, I’ve probably pick #1. Truly functional pieces of art.

  • I really like number 2 or 3. I really love bringing a product into my home that has a story and someone behind it who loves what they made. They are so beautiful and I think would be a fun conversation piece!

  • I really like number 2 or 3. I really love bringing a product into my home that has a story and someone behind it who loves what they made. They are so beautiful and I think would be a fun conversation piece!


  • No.6 will be perfect for my tiny creature’s monthly photographs.
    I know, I know… I can’t believe I turned into one of those people. But on the other hand, it’s never too late to start learning about good and more importantly minimal design.

  • I love quilt #1. Having grown up in a family of quilters I have a deep appreciation for hand made quilts like this, and I think that this simple design would fit in quite nicely in my modern-meets-traditional apartment!

  • All are lovely, but my favorite is No. 1! I recently graduated from college and am moving out of my parents/my childhood home. Quilts have always been a special part of home for me – no other blanket hugs and provide the same level of comfort as a quilt…they just don’t compare. As I move and begin this next chapter of my life, I want to start to collect pieces that will forever make my home, home. I hope a special quilt is in this collection. This quilt is beautiful. Bold and soft, strong and feminine – all things I hope to be. This would be a wonderful piece to add to the home I hope to create!

  • Tough decision…number 3 and 6 aren’t favorites! I love the combination of quilting with modern designs. Thanks for introducing me to these beauties!!

  • No. 4! It will probably start out in our guest room, then I’ll get jealous and move it into the master bedroom. Then come winter, it will follow me room to room because I live in MN and can’t stand being cold and I’m not allowed to turn the thermostat over 70!