W&D Home: Tile, Tile, Tile!


I’ve always loved the character encaustic cement tile brings to a space. It isn’t just for high-end residential and commercial spaces anymore! Lately, it’s become more accessible (and available) for regular folks, like ourselves, with regular residences. You can really go for it, covering an entire wall or floor with these patterned beauties, or use them to create a focal point. Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate bold patterning into your home:


Hand painted encaustic tiles have a really wonderful warmth to them. They’re a little on the expensive side, so if you love the look, consider applying them to a smaller space. A few unexpected places to add them: the floor of a walk-in showera breakfast nook, inside a closet, kitchen backsplash, fireplace mantel, stairs.


For the risk takers, why not try tiling the walls of a small space? It’s incredibly impactful and a fun alternative to wallpapering. Example: Genevive Gorder’s amazing bathroom (below). I mean, can we live? Incredible.


Joe and I decided we want to add encaustic tile to our kitchen floor because there wasn’t any original wood in the space. The tile would define the space and add some visual interest and character. Here are some of our favorite examples of encaustic floor tiles.


bathroom tile 6



We sourced a handful of great resources for encaustic tile, but found Cement Tile Shop to be both within our price range and have the best selection of both solid colors and bold graphic patterns. All of their cement tiles are handmade and ship from within the U.S. I love that each tile is unique, and is completely customizable. Here are a few of our favorite styles: Mahlia // Preston // Taza // Star (we are using this one for our kitchen floor!) // Nador // Circulos Black // Newcastle Antique //Palo Alto// Paris II


So, what do you think of this look? Have you already taken the tile plunge? For more tile inspiration, visit our Encaustic Tile Pinterest board!

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