Because Galentine’s Day > Valentine’s Day


Whoever said Valentine’s Day was for over-the-top flowers and grand gestures of romance probably wasn’t in the best relationship to begin with (NO JUDGEMENT HERE). Thanks for setting us all up for the let down, cupid! While I love spending the 14th with Joe, we’re not big on grand gestures and spend most of dinner debating which couples are married, dating, or on that awkward 2nd date.

Last year Joe was out of town for the big day, and my BFF’s boyfriend couldn’t get away from grad school to make the trip up north. Knowing the night was not going to end by slipping into “something more comfortable,” we met at our favorite italian restaurant and gorged ourselves with pasta, wine, and long conversation about nothing at all. It was such a fun way to spend the day, I thought this year we would celebrate the season on love, Galentine’s Day style. Here are some gift ideas for the array of different ladies in your life. Girl gangs forever!

For your sister-in-law with a sweet tooth: Jeni’s Spendid Ice Cream IS AVAILABLE ONLINE. Hello, creamy delights! Get her a sample of your favorite flavors. Add these sweet polka dot bowls from Gather ($35 for a set of 4), and throw in some wine to relive Ice Cream Sleepovers, adult style.

For your coworker who has an accessory for everything: Stella McCartney iPhone Case ($80) is as bold as her lipstick choice. #OwningIt.

For your sister that needs to graduate to a “grown up” backpack: The  Lotuff -The Sling Backpack ($840) certainly a splurge, but this will be the last backpack, or tote, she will need. It’ll make up for years and years of borrowing clothes.

For your friend with impeccable fashion sense: Young Frankk – Scalloped Necklace ($106). Can’t go wrong with gold jewelry (in my book), especially when it is as simple and chic as Young Frankk. 

For the audiophile that thinks vinyl always sounds better (it’s true!): Target – Crosley Cruiser Turntable ($80.99) Because the ritual of putting the needle on the vinyl and flipping the record itself is enjoyable.

For the friend who always wanted to take guitar lessons: Ukulele Starter Pack ($36) and a bunch of moral support. Tell her you’ll start requesting songs when she gets the hang of it, and come this summer, you expect to be serenaded during picnics at the lake.

For your girl gang: Compliment Postcard Book ($10) Because your girl gang rules all other girl gangs.

For your roommate still wearing 5k race t-shirts to bed: Sleepy Jones Marina Gingham Pajama Top ($83) & Bottom ($69) – Comfortable enough to wear all day, cute enough that you don’t feel like a total slob wearing them during a lazy Sunday movie marathon. 

For your friend that appreciates the finer things in life: Le Labo – Thé Noir 29 ($181) The LBD of fragrances. Once you find your scent from Le Labo, you never go back. I’ve been a “Thé Noir” gal for as long as I can remember.

Because BFFs can never have too many piece of matching flair: Oh Happy Day Flair Pack ($4) A great way to bring back some of those middle school memories.