You Snooze, You Win

As my belly continues to grow, so does my need for a nap. Long one, short one, it doesn’t really matter because every once in awhile a snooze is all that will do. New to this whole napping thing, I’ve come to learn the benefits of 15 minute snooze to stay refreshed and alert. I can’t believe it took me this long to get on board! In fact, my napping ventures have become a hobby– namely making sure we have lots of fluffy pillows and a quiet space ready for when fatigue strikes.


First, some benefits of and tips on napping (as if you needed swaying):

+ 20-30 minutes of napping is optimal if you need a jolt of energy.

+ Napping as been scientifically proven, by a little ol’ company named NASA, to improve performance.

+ Naps are best taken in the middle of the day so you can still fall asleep later.

+ Your mental and physical energy can be boosted by a nap as short as 10 minutes.

The question I have is this: why not swap coffee breaks for a napping one? If only that was acceptable office behavior!


If you’re really serious about getting your nap on, there are plenty of ways to convert a corner of your house to the act. I’ve found sunny spaces keep me from sleeping for too long, which negates all the benefits from a shorter snooze.




That is why napping somewhere other than your bed is always a good idea. A cot or pretty daybed is a great piece of furniture for naps and for entertaining guests.



If you have the space in your backyard or basement, please do yourself a favor and get a comfy outdoor chair or hammock. Add some slippers and some tea and you’re set.


And, if you’re not able to secure a designated napping space, stock up on huge pillows and gauzy blankets for the couch or bed. A lightweight duvet will envelop you in cotton-y goodness and you won’t be tempted to slip under the heavy duvet. This is a hard place to leave after only 10-20 minutes!

Apply these tips to any other space you wish to relax in and you’ll be in utter bliss.




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Top image: Wit & Delight

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