Turns Out Baby Furniture Can Be Awesome, Too.

The last few weeks I’ve been thinking freaking out about the baby. Everything I’ve read says this is totally normal, if not a rite of passage. I suppose the surge of hormones helps us keep these little babies safe, so I’m just going to chalk up the added anxiety me transforming into a super mom. Ha!

The one side effect of this hormonal cocktail I could do without is the random bouts of insomnia. Not one particular issue is keeping me awake at night, it’s just a collective “oh shit, this is really happening” sort of feeling. Joe is going through it, too. He claims he can hear a baby crying in the distance at night. Maybe we’re both losing it!

I’ve been using the extra hour of awake time on Pinterest. As everyone knows, Pinterest has become an even deeper blackhole than it originally was. You have a focused search all planned out, and then the “related pins” pops up and next thing you know it’s 1:45 AM. Just me? To try and keep the panic at bay, I’m focusing on designing the look of the nursery, one of the very few things that I actually have control of in this pregnancy. In my rounding up items, I feel like I’m being productive without actually doing anything.




Lately, I keep finding myself drawn towards Incy Interiors, an Australian-based company offering stylish, well-designed bedding furniture featuring old-school metal cribs to king-sized bed frames. You can mix and match collections, too!


At first I was disappointed to learn they were Australia based, but (drumroll, please) they have expanded to a US market. You can order items online, and they are featured in a few locations in select states. I’m hoping they bring more beautiful furniture to the US as well! How lovely are these velvety headboards??? Only available in Australia at the moment, but a girl can dream.


While I’ve yet to finalize just about anything for the nursery, I’m excited to know there are some well-designed options out there for consideration. Now if only I could make a decision…

Image Source: Incy Interiors

  • I have zero willpower when it comes to nursery decor. Every time I travel I end up bringing home a stuffed animal head (not a real stuffed head, like a kid’s stuffed animal kind of – you know what I mean) or some adorable print or a cute quirky toy. Babies are the worst. 🙂 So excited for you!! I can’t wait to see how the nursery turns out!

    • I held off until last week and went completely crazy. Boxes are going to start showing up soon and I hope we have room for everything!

  • A word of advice from an “old” mom. Get that nursery set up now cause when that little man makes his debut you will have zero time. Or energy. And like most men he will be on his schedule, not yours! Whatever you do it will be great. My dad spent his early days in a nice roomy dresser drawer. And he turned out to be a great guy! You’ll do fine! Babies are easy to please! Good luck!

    • I LOVE that advice, Mary– Thank you! It feels like getting all these pieces together is much more about myself being prepared than the baby needing it. I hear they are quite happy sleeping in a paper box. a very reassuring fact! 🙂

  • I’ve never heard of this brand before so i’m super excited to check them out since they’re australian. Pretty awesome stuff there.