W&D Gift Guide: For Your Best Friend

Your squad, your crew, your gang. The ones that have (and will) outlast just about every other relationship in your life. I’m talking about person that knows every secret, where all the bodies are buried and will destroy damning evidence upon your death. Yes, your best friend. These gifts are for the special someone that has been and will continue to be there through thick and thin, good and bad, rich and poor.


A Year Between Friends – 3191 Miles Apart – A book celebrating friendship across 3191 miles, chronicling a year through photographs, recipes, crafts and stories.

Life & Thyme subscription – Not just another “food publication” but one that creates stories about food and the community behind it. A throwback to when you both had time to linger over preparing and eating long meals.

Urban Outfitters – Slim Marble Portable Power Charger – More battery power to keep the group texts during The Bachelor going.

Libertine – Eau de Parfum Gift Box – To make up for co-opting her signature scent oh, so many years ago.

Stack – magazine subscription – Your younger selves might cringe at your current bougie lifestyle, but you can make it up to your inner proletariat with a year-long subscription to a different independent magazine each month.

Aveda – Escape from Stress set – A good friend always knows when a stress-reliever is needed. This set is perfect for her office, when supportive text messages just aren’t enough.

House of Hackney – Notebooks – A pretty place for notes, to do lists or a game of M.A.S.H

Tile – Too many late nights. Too many lost sets of keys.

Indego Africa – Pom Pom Tote – A tote reminiscent of that last girlfriends’ getaway to warmer weather.

Boy Smells – candles – The apartment with like 10,000 candles? Obsessed. Newer, better smells.

Mason Pearson – hairbrush – The only brush you will EVER need. For your hair, or for singing Formation

The Hungoevr Cookbook – Beyond Diet Cokes and McDonald’s.

Goodwin – Suede Disk bag – A better way to do a clutch. At least I won’t lose this one.

French Girl – Rose Facial Polish – People will be shocked to learn that you’ve been friends for XX amount of years based on your fresh, dewy, youthful face. At least they better look shocked.

Unison – Marled Knit Gray blanket – If you can’t be the warm hug she needs, she can snuggle with this.

LL Bean – Women’s Bean boots – Perfect for any adventure you get to take together.