1. Art

    Wanted: Martín Azúa Warped Stone Vases

    I could stare at these all day. Read more about Martín Azúa’s work on Design Boom.

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  2. Art

    Quotes on Shit

    I’m really enjoying this new project by Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, where they breathe new life into the objects we use, abuse, and discard. “We all use so much shit. We collect shit, buy shit, steal shit, trade shit and then throw shit away. So … Read More

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  3. Art

    Floral Type

    What can I say, we’ve got florals on the brain! Thanks to everyone who signed up for the workshop this week. For those of you who have asked, we’ll have details on the next workshop in the coming weeks. These floral letters certainly have the creative … Read More

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  4. Art

    Shoes over Bills

    Loving this hilarious project by Brooklyn-based artist/illustrator Hannah K. Lee. Haven’t we all been there? via The Jealous Curator

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  5. Art

    Incredible Quilts by Folk Fibers

    Amazing work from Maura Grace Ambrose:

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  6. Go Go Traveling Stamp!

    It’s installment number three in the Go Go Traveling Stamp Project! I have a soft spot for black and white patterns, and this little pink stamp was blast to play with. For my contribution, I chose to stamp black paint on natural linen napkins. The hand-cut … Read More

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  7. Kate Spade Saturday: Block Party!

    Ms. Spade just introduced us to her hip, urban sister. Enter: SATURDAY, the new brand from the lady-like, personable and all-around good time, Kate Spade. Bold, minimal, graphic and abstract, SATURDAY‘s products are casual enough to wear, well… on a Saturday. Lately, the ladies over at SATURDAY … Read More

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  8. Don’t Miss: Pure & Honest

    I stumbled on this tumblr blog yesterday and scrolled through almost the entire blog. The concept is great, the selection of art and product is really exceptional. Enjoy!

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  9. Art

    Katherine Sandoza

    One of my favorite artists (and fellow Kate), Katherine Sandoza, is hosting a discount on her boutique, until 12/15/12. 50% every bit of inventory: paintings, large and small! The coupon code is listed on the banner at the boutique. after the 1st of 2013, she … Read More

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  10. Art

    Best Tumblr Ever.

    Inflated/Deflated via Oh Happy Day.

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  11. Art

    Werner Knaupp

    There are days are like Werner Knaupp’s painting. Dark. Moody. Unrelenting. Beautiful, still.

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  12. Art

    Girl Crush: Mia Nolting

    You know that feeling when you visit a blog, view a photo essay, or read a short story written by a stranger and immediately feel like they totally get you? This happened to me when I got a note from Mia Nolting. Truth is, I’ve seen … Read More

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