Staples from Parc Boutique

I had the pleasure of hanging with the hot ladies at Parc Boutique a few weeks ago for their social media meet n’ greet. Every time I walk in Parc I leave with fantastic staple pieces that have just the right kind of twist to them. Here are the 4 items I can’t get enough of and how I’ve been wearing them:

1.The Perfect White Blouse has perfectly placed pockets and a roomy fit. The collar is perfect and for the price, this blouse is a STEAL. It looks spendier than you’d think. I’ve worn it paired with a blazer similar to this one. I also like to wear a little bralette underneath.  

Available at, via

2.When I first Instagrammed the awesomeness of the The Talli Top, I lovingly described it as “Tommy Bahama and Lana Del Ray’s love child”. Don’t get freaked out by the bold print, it’s a flattering cut, and adorable paired with some loose silk trousers and sleek flats.


3. This utilitarian vest. It goes with everything, seriously. I’ve worn it over dresses, silk blouses, zipped hoodies. A total must-have. Unfortunately, it isn’t available online. If you’re local, give Parc a call to see if they’ve got any left in stock.

4. The oversized baseball tee. I saw Elin Kling wearing one with classic jeans and stilettos recently, and I thought the look balanced tomboy chic nicely. If you’re going to wear it three sizes to large, make sure you balance out the bagginess with a great fitting pant, and possibly a small heel for a bit of lift.

Thanks for hooking a gal up with some great staple pieces, Parc! They’ve got something for everyone.