A Peek at the IKEA 2014 Catalog

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ikea 2014 ikea 2014 catalog sillas desparejadas

Let’s move to Sweden. Even the IKEA 2014 catalog looks appealing there.

Ikea 2014 (2 av 1)

ikea 2014 ikea 2014 catalog sillas desparejadas

ikea 2014 ikea 2014 catalog sillas desparejadas

I couldn’t find the online catalogue, but a quick image search brought me to this part of Ikea’s site. All of the IKEA photos, none of the obnoxious pricing graphics! This is probably news to me, but huzzah! I’m happy to have found it.

Image Source: Ikea

BY Kate Arends - August 28, 2013

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I can’t help myself, i still love ikea.


Beautiful! Love those chairs in the first image.

LOVE! can’t wait for this to come around!

Ugh, I hope this becomes available in the U.S.- those chairs are too good.

xx Erin



I like furniture of Ikea online

That white shelving system on the bottom I want so bad. I really hope it hits the USA.

Ohhhh the asset bank. I ended up there last summer while I was looking for shelves that didn’t exist yet…yes, so much easier to browse! I thought maybe I dreamed it! : )

Oh, those chairs in the first pic looks awesome! I’m really looking forward to have a closer look at them in the store.

Wow!!! That’s beautiful! Way to come up ikea!!!



In Portugal Ikea is like this too! I believe they change with the country! In the begining we didn’t had nothing to the bathroom, and now you have everything you can imagine.

OMG I love the dining room!!!

Yep, they do a great job!
But if you move to Sweden there will be way more tempting brands. We didn’t want to come back to the States!

WOW! How gorgeous

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