Simple Healthy Breakfast: Poached Egg over Wilted Chard

Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love. Boy dines girl, and together they indulge in just about every type of delicious food and drink they could get their hands on.

Yes, I’m talking about “love weight.”

Since my college years, I’ve had a pretty strict relationship with food. At times, it was too strict and I had to learn how let go of controlling everything I ate. As I’ve grown up, I’ve gained a healthier relationship with food and exercise. Then I met Joe, and we both let go of all the rules for a while! We made the most of the months of indulging, but even as we’ve settled into a more normal eating regime, I’ve been feeling really slugging lately.

So, instead of jumping on a diet fad, I’ve been trying to adopt a few simple changes. So far, my mood and concentration has improved greatly because of the following “rules” I’ve set for myself:

1. Drink 3 big glasses of water right after waking up.
2. Avoid grains and processed foods.
3. Finish eating for the day before 7pm.

That brings me to today’s simple recipe. All I wanted was a piece of toast slathered with butter this monring, but instead, I made a plate of wilted chard and poached egg. It was simple and easy to make and so, so good. Adding dark leafy greens to my breakfast has left me satisfied longer than grain-based breakfasts. Hope you give it a try! If you’ve got a great healthy breakfast recipe to share, feel free to comment below! I’m always looking for new recipes to try.

Quick and Simple Healthy Breakfast: Poached Egg over Wilted Chard

2 cup of chopped dark greens (I used rainbow Swiss chard)
1 large egg
Olive Oil
1 minced clove garlic
Salt (to taste)
Pinch of crush Red Pepper

Lightly coat a heavy skillet with olive oil and warm over medium heat. Add minced garlic, a little pinch of salt, followed by chopped swiss chard. Sauté until slightly wilted. Set aside.

Bring 2 inches of water to a simmer in a small sauce pan. Add a splash of vinegar to the water (if you have it). Once the water is simmering nicely, give it a swirl with your spoon and then tip in the large egg. Turn off the heat. Cover. Let sit for 4 minutes, until the egg whites are cooked.

Photo by Wit & Delight / Follow along on Instagram

  • I also have been trying to avoid grain-based breakfasts, but when I just need some grains, I whisk together a couple tablespoons of organic cornmeal + 2 egg whites and fry it like a big pancake. The egg whites make it so fluffy and the corn cake becomes a protein-packed and yummy vehicle for avocado, a dollop of salsa, and S+P.

  • Yum! I’ve been making poached eggs since you started putting them all over instagram a couple years ago — thanks for a amazing inspiration! 🙂

    I’ve too been trying to get leafy greens into my breakfast. Most often, it’s with a green smoothie. I’ve been making a chai spice flavored one that I swear tastes as good as a milkshake. Hah.

    1 frozen banana
    2 cups fresh baby spinach
    couple dashes of each spice: cinnamon, allspice, ginger, nutmeg
    1 cup almond milk
    1 tbs natural peanut butter
    (optional: honey, flax seed, chia seed, hemp powder)

    I’m an early riser, and this usually keeps me full till lunch!

  • Yummy yum, I do something really similar (sometimes it’s even enough for dinner!), but start by sautéing diced sweet potato until browned and crisp, then wilt the greens and finish with the egg. For some reason I’ve never thought about simplifying it even further? Will definitely try this version out!

  • Love weight. Yes. I TOTALLY feel you. I am still dealing with the after-effects of it (my long-distance boyfriend recently and I recently moved in together, which means much more normal eating throughout the week instead of really, really indulgent weekend meals all the time), and though our eating is normalizing, too, I’m still struggling with the 10 pounds I’ve put on. I love your tips!

    Also, have been making this smoothie for breakfast and loving it:

    1 cup almond milk
    1 Tbsp raw unslted almond butter
    2 pitted dates
    1 banana
    Lots of ice

    Blend until combined and then drink. It is SO good and it totally quiets my sweet tooth for the day. I can’t wait to try your poached egg/chard recipe, too!

  • I have to say this looks incredibly delicious. My kind of breakfast usually includes bacon breakfast hash and smothered french toast, but like you mentioned the sluggishness that goes along with it isn’t the greatest. In an effort to eat healthier I may be switching up my more indulgent recipes for things like this. Can’t wait to try!

  • Mmm, love this. Greens and eggs are some of my faves at breakfast, with some of our homemade bacon if we have it!, or sausage or ground beef. Keeps me full almost till dinner!! I totally feel you on all the issues, been there, and after being raw vegan for 3 years (vegetarian 10 before that) and always being cold and hungry, then getting tons of cavities, I’ve found a balance with healthy fats is so important. But cutting out grains and processed foods was the second biggest important change for me! Now we’re Paleo and love it – natural hormone and weight balance, and energy! To health! =)