W&D In The Kitchen: 2 Ways to Elevate Simple Snacks

Wit & Delight

Simple things, with a twist– these are the best recipes and tricks to bring into the kitchen, if you ask me. With the right pairing and great produce, raw fruits and vegetables can steal the show at a dinner party.

Today, I thought I’d share two simple ways to elevate simple snacks. Not only are these snacks light, refreshing and easy to prep, they’re memorable! Serve the radishes just as dinner is starting, and incorporate strawberries into the dessert course, or serve them on their own.

Strawberries / Sugar / Rose Water

Stir the sugar into the rose water till completely dissolved. Then, toss the quartered strawberries with the rose water mixture. You can serve as is or refrigerate, covered for at least 3 hours, but no longer than six hours, or the strawberries will become syrupy. If you do refrigerate, bring the strawberries to room temperature before serving.

Radishes / Butter / Sel Gris

Wash and trim radishes, leaving a little bit of green stem attached. Guests can add butter and salt to the radishes themselves, or you can assemble them prior to serving. To assemble, cut a thin wedge (lengthwise) out of each radish and place a sliver of butter in the space. Serve with a small dish of salt for people to dip each radish into or sprinkle lightly with salt before serving.

And, if you like the combination of radishes and butter, consider trying this recipe for radish butter from The Splendid Table.