Outer Space

By Carla Fahden: In my head, Jack and I have this beautiful outdoor entertaining space complete with fancy plants and herbs, an abundance of lanterns and patio furniture almost too pretty to sit on. We entertain a couple times a week and all of the woodland creatures from our yard bop by for a cup of lemonade and some smoked weenies. In reality, all we have is a grill, a patio table from ol’ Home Depot, a hand-me-down bird feeder and some sort of new pesky weeds that keep rearing their ugly green noggins through the deck floor. However, I did score a batch of nice plants leftover from a photo shoot last week and even just scattering those bad boys around makes the space feel more complete.

In addition to pretty potted plants and flowers, the opportunities to dress up your outdoor space are endless. Summer is so short here in Minnesnowta, whether you drop some coin on outdoor furniture or just set out a couple of those plastic lawn chairs from the ’80s, making the most of every single warm night and weekend is a must. Above is a round up of some patio pretties on my wish list… the left side of the clear pitcher (#9) is for vodka, right?

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