Holla! How was yer 4th of July? I guess that was nearly a week ago but I’m just now getting back into the swang of thangs as I had a week off werk to spend time at family cabins up in Northern Wisconsin. We filled our days hanging on the deck, enjoying the sun, eating, floating around the lake, eating, reading, playing hearts and… um, eating.

But now it’s back to life, back to ree-a-lity and time to get down to business. And by business I mean throw pillows! How can something so seemingly small and simple make me so happy? Below is a round-up of puffy pretties that pack a lot of punch. I’m obsessed with each and every one and love how they are all unique yet neutral enough to work together in the same space. Lawd, when are you gonna send me a throw pillow fairy that visits our house while we’re away and sprinkles throw pillows on all of our lonely sofas and chairs?


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