W&D Home : Feathering The Nest


I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I last posted. Time is flying with our little baby Woody – he is already six weeks old!

Today I’m sharing some photos of how our nursery turned out. As I had shared in a previous post, my goal when decorating this room was create a space that wasn’t overly cutesy-tootsy but instead a room that blended nicely with the rest of our home (neutral, neutral and more neutral). Don’t get me wrong, we obviously wanted the vibe to be young and fun (hello wallpaper covered in hundreds of horsies) as it is indeed a baby room!


Lots of planning went into this space and we didn’t actually start purchasing things and filling the room until I was seven months pregnant (an approach I would not take again as I felt incredibly unprepared and stressy being so close to my due date with an empty nursery). Knowing things like the crib and changing table wouldn’t be around forever, we purchased them from affordable sites like Overstock and Amazon. And for the more permanent things like the built-in cabinet unit, custom window treatments and wallpaper, we ponied up (pun potentially intended) a bit more.



To help the room feel cozy and personal, there are lots of little details including hand-made numbers from my mom (mobile, quilt, stuffed animals), toys that belonged to Jack and I as kids, a side table that was my grandma’s and an abundance of classic children’s books that we received as gifts or purchased from library book sales. Jack and I are both really happy with the end result… which is a good thing since we seem to spend more time in here than any other room in the house (if you’re looking for me at 3am, here’s where you’ll find me).




Lastly, I would just like to state for the record that since decorating is a passion of mine (code : unhealthy obsession) and I make a living as an Art Director, these pictures make the room look waaaay more put together, clean and organized than it normally is. On any given day there’s dirty laundry strewn across the floor, a pile of throw pillows in the corner (don’t worry the pillows come out of the crib when the baby goes in) and the trash can is overflowing with dirty diaps. But for an OCD neat freak like myself who might be missing her day job just a teeny weeny bit, it was a fun little afternoon project to style and photograph Woody’s room to share with you all.



If you are interested in where specific items are from, you can check out my blog where I listed as many sources as I could.