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Our Wit & Delight for Target collection has launched! From casual beer tastings to an elevated craft brew social, the collection was designed to cater to many types of hosts and party throwers. To kick the party off, I’m sharing how I’d style my personal Wit & Delight for Target party, including additional decor pieces from current Target collections. If your Target store has sold out of specific items, or isn’t carrying the full W&D assortment, you can always shop at Target.com.

Over the next couple weeks I’ll be sharing recipes and DIY tutorials featuring additional product. We’d love to see the way you style your party! Tag us on Instagram with #WitandDelightforTarget.


Wit & Delight for Target Party Products: Geometric Trays (Large / Gold / Black), Pilsner Glasses, TowelsVotives, Vases, Glass Votive Holder, Bottle Opener / Coasters

Additional Decor: Bar Cart / Cutting Board / Cutlery / Sheepskin Rug / Accent Table / Rug / Fireplace

Note: Many Target stores are still working to set Wit & Delight for Target. The full collection should be available by tomorrow morning! Thank you for your patience and support!

BY Kate Arends - September 15, 2014

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such a beautiful collection. well done, kate!

Jennie C.

Hi Kate – Love the new collection! Would you mind providing the correct link for the black/gold accent table? Thanks!

The line looks great! I’ve stocked up on a few things but I’ll definitely be going back for more! Well done 🙂

so excited for you kate! I just ordered two of the stoneware trays 🙂

love all the geometry! gotta get my hands on that cutlery, planters and towels!

I’m totally a fan of geometrics! My favorites are the accent table, votives, and vases 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

Hi Kate,

Looks amazing! Do you know if it’ll be available in Canadian Targets?

Gorgeous! Congratulations!

[…] Wit & Delight for Target is out, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m such a fan of all her pieces and even her suggested items to pair with her collection. […]


Nice rug. It can be hard to find persian rugs that aren’t all flowery.

I keep forgetting to check it out when I go to Target!!! I am going to remember next time! But I have my eye set on the pencils and the notebooks!


i love what you created Kate!

Check out my post about your collection on my site Take A Bite!

I think I saw the bar cart in Target today. It looks really nice!

anna dicicco

Hi!I know im.late but I was wondering if there was any other place I could buy the ceramis trays.I checked target and it looks like they arent on there any longer.:-( thanks!


Hi! I am looking for one of those bottle openers and its saying its no longer available on the target website. Any chance i can buy one from you directly? Thank you!

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