W&D Home : Nifty Noots

Let the record show that I am the one who officially coined the term “nifty noots” back on May 25th, 2012. I’m sure you hear it all the time in your day-to-day conversations so I probably don’t have to explain that it is means “nifty neutrals.” You know, neutrals that are nifty.

It is no secret that I am a sucker for all things black and white. While I oddly never wear black apparel or kicks, our house is predominately decked out in black and white rugs, window treatments, lamps, artwork, tile, bedding… the list goes on. Oh, and Oreos. I love me some Oreos.

But I do feel that black and white alone can look a little stark and cold. Almost museum-y if you’re not careful. So if you’re like me and find black and white to be the cat’s meow but don’t want your space to look stark, cold and museum-y, what do you do? Add some nifty noots, silly!

Here’s a little mix I put together of high contrast pieces mixed with warm textures and soft colors (and by “colors” I mean brown and nude). We recently purchased this very flushmount from Schoolhouse Electric and it is the bomb diggity.

– Carla

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