W&D Style: Jewels



Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I thought we would chit-chat about jewelry for a minute. Recently my new favorite thing is the earcuff/earjacket, or whatever the kids are calling it these days. Have you guys tried it yet? I’ve already bought 2 pairs, and I still have my eyes on a few others that I wouldn’t mind adding to my growing collection. (wink wink to my husband Jon)

I was one of those babies that rocked ear piercings early on in life.  Therefore, I don’t have the “typical” memory of going into Claire’s and the excitement of picking out your first set of earrings (and then the pain that accompanied it). What I do know and remember is that earrings have been part of my daily routine since I was practically born, but I have never been so excited about the earring options as I am today. 

Above are a few of my favorite finds, and apparently I’m more into gold than silver these days. Happy shopping friends!


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