W&D Style: Spring Basics

It’s starting to feel like spring over here in Amsterdam! Cue the “hallelujah” chorus. I know winter has been brutal for a lot of you, so I thought it would be nice to dwell on the warmer months ahead.

One thing I noticed in Europe is that women rotate the same basics in their wardrobe over and over. This is partially because it isn’t common for homes to have closets (yes you read that right), so you are left with creating one yourself and with a very limited space. All I can say is thank goodness for Ikea over here. Since space is an issue, they keep their wardrobes stocked with the core basics and add in a few unexpected pieces into the mix every once and awhile. I really appreciate this approach to fashion and find it is MUCH easier to get dressed in the morning rather than if I had a million options to choose from everyday of the week. 

I’ve compiled my short list for the basics I have stocked and ready to go for the warmer spring weather. Typically, I make sure to have plenty of spring jacket options that are easy to throw on over any outfit, and that help transition from warmer days to chilly nights.  

Since this isn’t my full list, I would love to know what are some of your spring basics? 


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